Many of our clients don’t know they have anything of value laying out in their barn or even in their home or trailer.  Knowing the value of what you find is key to making money on the trade.

My twin sister and I have spent most of our lives flipping and refurbishing items so we have a fair idea of market value regardless of the current condition.

You see, it’s rare for us to be presented with a trade that is either new or in mint condition and part of our “Pawning Process” is refurbishing the item prior to taking photos and listing it for sale at Texas Twins Treasures- Shop Our Treasure Chest offers everything from antique furniture to jewelry, shoes and clothing.

In order for bartering to work, you’ve got to have something to give when receiving an item.  We offer wedding officiant, floral designs, event coordination, photography packages and tear down/set up in exchange for items submitted for consideration. 

The “Art of Barter” has helped hundreds of families who had no money but desired a wedding or other event service after they reached out to myself and my team for help.

Bartering has been around for hundreds of years because it works. For prospective clients submitting photos, please remember that we will often schedule an appointment to meet with you and view the item along with your expectations prior to making a committment.

Bartering your bridal needs adds a whole new twist to finding ways to either save money or extend your wedding budget!  For a full list of our services, please visit my main website here Texas Twins Events Low Cost Wedding & Event Services

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins TV