This morning I responded to 8 emails regarding upcoming weddings & events from couples who couldn’t afford a traditional venue.  It’s a problem for many who don’t understand that when planning a wedding or event that they need to consider the cost of a building.  I’ve officiated in parking lots, churches, venues, a karate studio, bus stop, restaurant, C-130, park and just about any location you can imagine including my home.


Whether it’s a church or other event location, venue operators do not offer their locations for free-the fees are due two weeks prior to your event and to “save the date” a deposit is required.

When people who don’t understand what we do contact me to help pay for their venue or event- they are mistaken if they believe that I’m in the business to fund the expenses involved. The Pawning Planners do not pawn or loan money to people- what we do is take valuables in exchange for photography, event coordination, set up/tear down & officiating religious ceremonies.  We aren’t buying your items-we are bartering them in exchange for services offered at Low Cost Event Services-Texas Twins Events. 

When  planning your event- it’s important to understand that a venue may very well be one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding budget.

Creative ideas of the place you met or even a park you enjoy can keep your expenses low.  Parks are free and “in a pinch” we’ve met clients in a parking lot because they realized too late their license was about to expire.  From the Botanic Gardens to area parks, outdoor photos will always be far more beautiful than indoor photos due to the sunlight and natural beauty.  

Complimentary Photography-Texas Twins Events Boutennier On Loan As A Courtesy From Wendy Wortham


Wedding Bouquet On Loan As A Courtesy From Wendy Wortham To Ensure Beautiful Wedding Photos


 Thinking of everything when I’m hired to officiate a wedding wasn’t easy- but by acting as a wedding coordinator and “planning ahead” by having a team in place is one of many reasons that our clients love us.  Many could never afford photography and we are committed to helping them by bringing photographers to every event whether they can afford photography or not.

Occasionally, I’m an confused as my team when we are contacted by someone who hired other vendors but then decide to reach out to us for help.  We do not loan my inventory or provide a venue or free photography if you have not retained us to officiate, orchestrate or provide photography for your event.  Our resources are limited to booked clients of Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners.

 Messages asking me to sponsor or fund an event continue to baffle me.  After all, if your friends and family aren’t paying for your venue, why would you expect me to? 

I can’t make this stuff up ya all- Frankly if you are emailing a complete stranger and asking for money from me-I’m wondering where you got the idea and what I can do to clarify who we are and what we do because “throwing money” at your event is perhaps one of ludacrous ideas I’ve ever heard of.  I’m going to suggest that you research a bit before sending  me something like the above text message- you spend a little more time on my website.  By doing so, you will have a far better “grasp” of not only what we don’t do but also a better understanding of what we do.

My twin sister, Cindy Danel often sums up these type of requests with her world famous #Cindyism Quotes “Just because you’re a couple trees shy of an orchard, doesn’t mean I’m willing to be part of the plantation.”  Translation (Don’t involve me in your problems that don’t benefit me at all).  

I operate three successful businesses and the reason they are successful is because we don’t work for free- everyone has to put some skin in the game.  If you want something from us- you need to willing to sacrifice in order to get it.  We are not a non profit organization.

For those clients wishing to borrow inventory or requesting the elopement package at my home, borrowed items are what I have in inventory.  If you desire custom colors or flowers, I’m happy to accommodate your requests but require payment to create a custom design that will be yours to keep.  My home is not handicap accessible so I’m providing a link to give you a tour if you are considering to use my location-Weddings At WorthamWorld My Home Doubles As A Venue.

If you can’t afford the elopment package or want more options—area parks are free and we also offer a courthouse steps ceremony. 

Elopement Package At WorthamWorld


Wedding In The Park With Flower Girls-Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney Floral Designs On Loan From Wendy Wortham


Floral Designs On Loan-Wedding At Holland Lake Park


Floral Designs On Loan-Wedding In Trinity Park


“Thinking of everything” wasn’t a free for me endeavor.  I created an inventory as a courtesy to clients at my own expense.  My reasons for doing so were based entirely on my clients inability to provide the items on their own.  For more information on loaned inventory, visit this link-From Floral Designs To Cake Trays & Chalkboards, Loaning Items Is A Courtesy To Clients Of Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners.

Since it’s well known that my team and I go above and beyond, it should be noted that clients asking for free services don’t completely “grasp” the concept of having to provide a trade when they claim to have no money.  The reason I require an Appraisal Appointment is to verify and validate that you don’t have something of value to trade in exchange for services.  Any client booking through The Pawning Planners is required to book an Appraisal Appointment prior to scheduling your event or services.  If you claim to have no money or anything of value, I need to verify and validate the facts before committing myself and my team to your event.

For those wondering why I don’t compete with other vendors, this blog will better describe the differences between Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners vs standard event services fees-The Pawning Planners vs Traditional Vendors-We Do It Differently!

While we would love to help anyone regardless of their circumstances, we are a family owned and operated team and like anyone else, have expenses attributed to your dream event so please consider what we do and how we do it prior to asking me for things that I don’t provide…like a venue!  I’m happy to refer you to one of our preferred vendors but be prepared to bring a checkbook… If you need creative ideas for your event, feel free to contact me for suggestions. 

Elopement Package In My Home


Wedding In Trinity Park


Wedding At Carswell AFB Aboard A Cargo Plane


Floral Designs On Loan From Wendy Wortham-Wedding At Keller Park


Wedding In Weatherford, Texas


Parks Offer The Beauty Of Nature While Saving You The Expense Of A Venue


Wedding In Oldtown-Cost To Rent It? Nothing!


Creekside Wedding Villagio Resorts Burleson, Texas


Friendship Ceremony Weatherford, Texas


Belltower Chapel & Gardens


Wedding At Rudy Smedley’s Karate Studio-Floral Designs On Loan As A Courtesy From Wendy Wortham Photography-Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners

Using your imagination can make nearly any location a wedding venue!  Shop around and get several quotes prior to signing a venue contract and if you have a handicap guest, please ask about accessibility to ensure everyone’s needs are met. 

A Wedding In A Parking Lot? You Bet-This Couple Were On Leave And Had Very Little Time So We “Whipped Up” A Location Near A Parking Lot On Short Notice

Every family is as different as their story but (thankfully) we have numerous couples who work with us to find an area when they don’t have the time or funding for a venue.

 Wendy M Wortham