Well, as usual, a blowout is never expected when traveling in a 3 car caravan.  Cindy was behind my niece Leigh Ann headed to Weatherford, Texas and I was behind Cindy.

Sadly, none of us have ever learned to change a tire and looking back-wish we had acquired this knowledge when learning to drive.

Leigh Ann had called her friend Sivi Dede after our latest “incident” and by sheer luck while waiting for Seve to show up, a Good Samaritan named Zack Honeycutt pulled over to help us! 

 Finding a Good Samaritan isn’t as easy as you might think.  But in Texas, you will run across them far more often than you will driving in Los Angeles, California. How would I know?  I’ve lived in California and have been stranded before that’s how.

Taking time out of their day to solve someone else’s  problem isn’t a “simple choice” but Zack immediately pulled over and got to work helping my niece who is still recovering from surgery.

Thank you Zack for being so kind and for your service at the Fire Department helping others you’re one in a million! 

Zack Honeycutt (Far Right)

Our cousins in Gordon, Texas are all volunteer firefighters and first responders too.  Firefighters risk their lives everyday to save others and much like law enforcement or military, they often don’t recieve the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond.

My niece was on a bridge when the tire blew out and Zack used his car to block traffic in order for her to pull off the bridge and get safely off the freeway.

Everyday brave soldiers, firefighters and police officers suit up to protect others and my twin told Zack we would honor his kindness in this blog for taking time out of his day to help The Pawning Planners.

Wendy M Wortham