We get some fairly interesting inquiries regarding submission of trades in exchange for party planning, officiating weddings & funerals, family reunions and other event services that require set up and tear downs on location.  I wrote a blog detailing how my love of antiques started The Pawning Process Of Refurbishing Items With The Pawning Planners describes not only the services we offer at Texas Twins Events, but also how we sell items after refurbishing the pieces at Texas Twins Treasures Storefront to give our readers an idea of how my “Pawning Process” works when taking a trade. 

Antique Two Tier Table Original Condition Before Refurbishing


After Rebuilding Broken Wood Trim, Sanding & Painting

 You see, when a trade involves pieces that are either broken or missing parts- the timeline takes longer to “flip the item.”  The reason is that if I need to rebuild or replace pieces, the sanding and staining process is “held up” in order for me to maintain the integrity of the item prior to “beautifying” it to present for sale.  I’m incredibly picky about any item offered for sale at Texas Twins Treasures because I have a long history of selling high quality furniture and don’t believe in selling something that won’t last for years to come- my quality over quantity philosophy is well known.  The fabric, the structural integrity and the unique appearance of my finished items fetch fair market value because my clientele know “they are getting what they paid for” which is why when I get an email from someone who “thinks” my items are overpriced always gets a laugh.  You see, when you buy throw away furniture that needs to be replaced over and over- you have no idea that you’re spending the same amount of money that could’ve been spent buying a quality item.  Today’s mass produced furniture falls apart quickly because it’s cheap and I refuse to sell anything that isn’t beautiful, durable and resilient.  I make no apologies for my price structures since I’m well aware they are far under market value and yesterday shot a video of the timeline involved during a refurbish  process with my twin sister Cindy Daniel Wendy Wortham Explains The Refurbish Timeline For Texas Twins Treasures-The Pawning Planners estimating a 7-10 day window and announcing that we will shortly be offering low cost catering options by acquiring hot dog carts for our clients who can’t afford a caterer but can afford a hot dog, chips & a drink.  That’s right, we are once again “expanding our brand” for Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners to now include Texas Twins Treats! 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham Refurbish Trades To “Flip” At Texas Twins Treasures In Exchange For Wedding Services

My twin sister Cindy Daniel has no idea what tapestry or fine heavy upholstery cost and often complains when I require measuring prior to any cutting on my fabrics.  The quality of my hand loomed silk fabrics is sought after by any buyer we’ve ever had who understands the attributes of high quality textiles.


Two Sets of Twins- Cindy Daniel, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney & Wendy Wortham

My grandnieces “The Little Pawners” love the idea of bringing catering to our brand and often help Cindy and I decide what stain or color to paint an item.  They have been involved with our wedding and event services since conception of Texas Twins Events some five years ago. 

Stephanie & Robert Hafele Photography Team Texas Twins Events

My son and daughter in law handle the photography and videography on location at our events.  

Family Owned & Operated- Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners


On Location-Texas Twins Team Robert & Stephanie Hafele, Anne Rowe Alexander & Stephaney Mahaney


Loading Up Decorations at WorthamWorld Stephanie Hafele


On Location Fort Worth Texas Wedding- Selfie With Stephanie Hafele


TCGPWA Texas Twins Events Team “Strike a Pose”


Our Little Pawners- Second Generation Twins Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney at 50Th Anniversary Party With Texas Twins Events Team


Broken or Missing Parts on Trade


Repaired and Ready For Sale

Refurbishing items is an interesting aspect that surprises many of our friends in the wedding and events industry but my entire home is furnished with items that I have refurbished after selling our high end home and expensive furniture during the real estate crash in 2007 that left my husband (real estate developer) unemployed for 3 years.  I also sold my jewelry and furs during that 3 year window and understand the sacrifices required to survive after a job loss or illness.  

My home is often used as a wedding venue by clients who choose the “Elopement Package” offered at Texas Twins Events that also includes cake & champagne because they enjoy the unique and eclectic aspects of my home WorthamWorld My Home That Doubles As A Wedding Venue gives you a glimpse of the Texas Twins Treasures I’ve refurbished as well as my workroom that I often use daily to create floral designs and bouquets as well as refinishing items I’ve taken in trade. 

Texas Twins Treasures Queen Anne Armless Chairs

  Finding the “right mix” of fabrics along with the perfect stain finish, piping and banding is part of the reason that something I acquired in a state of complete disrepair sells for a good price.  

Taking a piece from “drab to fab” requires a bit of imagination and creativity but the end result is a very unique piece or set.  Using coordinating fabrics is key to bringing the beauty back to my items. 
The current condition of a trade doesn’t concern me because my “vision” of what it could be drives me in the “Pawning Process” to create a one of a kind “Treasure” that you won’t find anywhere else.  Often, I mix fabrics because the cost of my fabrics is quite high and I often don’t have enough fabric to completely recover the item.

From start to finish- the process of restoring an item isn’t quick or easy but, the end result is a beautiful, high quality item that will last for years to come.  What I’m looking at when evaluating a trade is the structure and integrity of the item offered.  Often if the item is broken or unstable, I will seek a second item for consideration because I recognize the work and expense involved in something that is beyond my turnaround scope or I will take the trade and store the item until finding the time to complete the process. 

Wendy Wortham Officiating Fort Worth Water Gardens

 It’s wedding season in Fort Worth and I’m booked four days in a row so if your submitting a trade, please give me until next week to schedule an Appraisal Appointment with you to evaluate your trade.  Occasionally, I can make a decision based on the photos you provide to this site but furniture requires that I see the item in person to properly evaluate it.

I look forward to your questions, comments and concerns.

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins Events- Family Owned & Operated