For nearly 7 years I’ve tried to do whatever it took to pull off a Dream Event for nearly anyone who asked for my help.  Often my commitment  included my multigenerational team of family members.  A “team” that works together can overcome nearly any obstacle in our path.

Some requests were stranger than others and included a House Smudging for someone who wanted to “wash away her exhusband’s aura,” or a friendship ceremony for a group of three friends who had stuck together through thick and thin and wanted to celebrate their resilience together. 

Floral Designs On Loan Friendship Ceremony

A few were for a volunteer funeral clergy because the family didn’t belong to a church and could not afford to pay for a celebrant.  Then there was the double baby shower for two women who had no friends or family to do a shower or anyone to provide baby gifts that these ladies could not afford to buy themselves. 

The Stripper Shower Event For Amanda

What about the baby shower for a Stripper who contacted us because she was unable to work and buy items herself?  We judge no one when reviewing your story or your request even when others may find the event “different” or abnormal.  Why?  Because if it’s important enough to you to contact us about it, we are willing to figure out a way to help you celebrate your day! 

Two Sets Of Twins-The Pawning Planners

Every family is as unique as their Dream Event or request and my family members “band together” when trying to budget your event while meeting your needs on a regular basis.
Our Little Pawners, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney have been in hundreds of weddings as flower girls, ring bearers and ushers and are looking forward to our latest booking. Events with my team are always a “family affair” for us as much as they are for the family contacting us.

Yesterday,  I was contacted regarding a surprise wedding next Saturday.  The son of a cancer survivor wanted to do something special for his mother a week after her final chemo treatment and reached out to me because “he had heard about us.”  After speaking with him to get a better grasp of what was needed, I committed my team to handling officiating the ceremony, orchestrating the set up and tear down, photography and loaned flowers for the ceremony along with the cake stand and serving set along with the toasting flutes.

A lot of folks ask me why-I ask them why not.  We are different because we are passionate and driven on our journey to help anyone one barter at a time by taking trades or offering low cost alternatives at Texas Twins Events because when I needed help with my son’s wedding I had nowhere to turn and because I decided to start a business directly targeting families in similar situations.

You don’t go above and beyond without having a reason and I didn’t either.  Along the way, we met hundreds of families while making new friends and we shared the joy of celebration along with a sometimes hilarious adventure with our family “getting the job done” with our caravan of suv’s and road trips.  We’ve had a few bumps in the road but who doesn’t?  Figuring it all out took time and patience.

My Son- Mr Fix It Robert Hafele


My Niece-Leigh Ann Blais


My Niece, Daughter In Law & Son On Location


We don’t always get along but we overcome our views and opinions when working together at events even though a few of my Texas Twins Events Team Members think they are better at their job than so and so is on occasion.  Bickering aside, when I tell my team about an event they listen and plan with me to achieve a Dream Event. 

 As we plan and prepare for this surprise wedding, my family and I realize that helping others was our calling.  We were open minded about our clients needs and desires and never judgmental regarding their circumstances.

What made us different made us more resilient….

Wendy M Wortham