If you own one handgun or a hundred- you have a responsibility as a parent to keep the gun in a safe or other place and out of the hands of your children, their friends or anyone else entering your home or car. The truth about Texas Women and handguns or rifles is that many of us started shooting as children.  Cindy Daniel and I were handed shotguns at a very young age because we had a family of hunters and although we took no interest in hunting- we knew how to handle a gun as well as the dangers of firearms because we were taught the danger of weapons at a young age.

 When I was filming the Pawning Planners with Cindy Daniel several months ago, Nick Lee with Good Clean Fun asked if I had handguns at WorthamWorld my home in West Fort Worth, Texas.  I answered “several” and addressed the issue of going into Lisa and Terry Williams barn to look for items to take during the “Pawning Process” of the Pawning Planners after Terry advised us of the possibility of snakes.  I took a 38 with me and the film documenting my ability to use this firearm (if necessary) was cut most likely because the fight over firearms is controversial and heated! 

 Many husbands in Texas buy their wives guns for Christmas presents or other “special occasions.”  My husband was no exception and took things a step further by visiting gun ranges with me until he was happy with my ability to fire any gun in our household.  There are several rifles and larger handguns that I’m not confortable with at WorthamWorld.  The larger guns belong to my husband and although we have numerous 360 cameras and alarms here (some visitors including my own family call my home a fortress), the ability to quickly locate a gun or rifle should an intruder attempt to enter can be accomplished in less than a minute.  How do I know the timeline?  Because I have practiced with my husband over and over again in order to fluidly protect our home and ourselves should the need ever arise.  You see, my husband, Matthew Wortham was a victim in a home invasion with his door kicked in and has never recovered from the trauma of feeling “safe” being destroyed.  Ironically, he cocked a rifle and the intruder ran away.  Years ago, my grandmother was living with my twin sister at Ridgmar Square Apartments when someone began pounding on the door demanding that my grandmother open it and rather than complying with this request, my grandmother walked up to the door and cocked her shotgun!  That had the violent and screaming lunatic running away too. 

 With crime at an all time high (even in the good neighborhoods), more and more Texas women are carrying guns and know how to use them.  The Open Carry Law in Texas has brought a flurry of postings regarding going to the pharmacy or mall with folks wearing holstered guns much like an old western movie but, I feel safer knowing that the RIGHT people have guns to combat the WRONG people.  Some of you may be thinking I’m biased in my opinion and you’re entitled to your own observations.  However, if you have never been mugged, robbed or had a gun pointed in your face- you have no idea how you would feel about protecting yourself should you survive the attack.  Small country towns are known for setting up targets in the back forty for families to practice shooting together and Gordon, Texas is no exception.  Gordon is also where I was handed my first rifle and fully understood what power could throw you backwards with the force of the shot.  While I’m not nearly as comfortable with a rifle, I know how to load it and aim it if the need to do so ever arises.

 I’ve been mugged and survived by fighting back unarmed.  Recently, there have been two armed robberies at a Walgreens just a few blocks from my home when the attacker jumps in the vehicle and points a gun at the driver.  Locking your doors upon entering your vehicle is important as many attackers watch parking lots and target victims based on age or attention.  If you have children or are very old- you are an “easy mark.”  Knowing your surroundings can be key to surviving and soon, many other shoppers will be carrying firearms in Fort Worth, Texas.  My husband and I discuss many controversial topics together and after the Paris incident last night, agreed that had the Parisians been carrying guns, they could have easily defended themselves.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that unarmed citizens are “easy marks.”  Just a few months ago, a man shot a police officer just a few blocks from our home and led police on a foot chase as he ran through many homes with unlocked doors.  Eventually this murderer jumped a back fence and ran into the home of a man holding a rifle to his intruders head until authorities arrived and arrested him.  The moral to this story is- if only the bad guys have the guns- the good guys will be victimized.  My loyal readers realize that I am quite blunt and honest when discussing even painful moments of my past and therefore I’m writing this blog today discussing my view on Open Carry Laws to detail why I feel it’s important for citizens to be responsible gun owners while also recognizing the need to protect your home, your family, and finally your property.  Criminals don’t obey laws- that’s why they are criminals.  Taking guns away from upstanding citizens isn’t going to change anything but, by being armed when you leave the Walgreens and have a gun pointed in your face with no way to defend yourself might just have you taking that gun class and preparing for the next time you don’t expect to be a victim in a violent crime.

Wendy M Wortham