Occasionally, I smile and often it’s because my Texas Twins Team makes me laugh. I’m a perfectionist with anything and everything I in once myself with.

Throughout my life I’ve often been on the wrong end of a negotiation ie: a one sided unconscionable contract that puts the employer and occasionally, the ex- husband (via Rule 11 Agreement) in a position to take advantage of me.

Because of my previous history, I’m suspicious and distrusting when entering a negotiation from previous dealings with unethical “all for me and to hell with you types.”

Last weekend, my son Robert Hafele told me at a wedding last week to “smile more.” I smile, but as a workaholic am normally either resolving an issue or thinking and planning. Normally, I’m not smiling when overcoming a conflict resolution and, occasionally I have to remember this while I’m conducting business and or, a “deal.” I’m thinking in a circle in order to insulate myself from being on the “wrong end” of a negotiation or worse, being taken advantage of after coming to an agreement!

The “Good Time Charlie” gene was passed to my twin, Cindy Daniel and her Mini Me, Maryssa Ann Mahaney who shares her middle name.

The thing is that I’ve never been a lighthearted and/or fun loving type, it’s simply not in me to run from one fabulously fun event into the next because after all, weddings and events are work for me not a “good time.” I’m here to exceed expectations not to have fun.

Steve Daniel shares my sisters love of classic “one liners” that often take all of us “off guard” and, also shares my sisters knack for rigging something up by recycling old or unused items around the house. Last week he used a broken umbrella to fashion a leg on a broken chaise lounge I gave my sister with a set several years ago which I found incredible!

As usual, Cindy asked when he planned to fix the deck that broke nearly ten years ago (again.) Steve Daniel shrugged it off and headed back to the Daniel Diggs hideout- his shed on the back half of the property.

Cindy Daniel reuses every scrap to create unique and versatile clothing for our Little Pawners by cutting up outgrown clothing and “updating” everything from headbands to clothes and flip flops.

My entire family reuse everything we can to save money for many reasons but mainly because we are creative and have a vision of what this or that can be reused for.

When selling our home, I insisted on being present during viewings as my extensive art collection among other things I’ve clutched during the real estate crash are and always will be the things I simply couldn’t sell. I’ve travelled the world three times and have something from anywhere I’ve ever been, to me these mementos are priceless.

Often, things come up “missing” including perfume, prescription medications etc. Frankly, I didn’t trust anyone to wander unattended through my home or my personal possessions.

When we sold our Lakeside Home, I had beautiful hand loomed silk chenille drapes that the new owner wanted to keep- no way I said because she didn’t pay for them and, ironically pointed to numerous Texas Twins Treasures pieces that I had custom created and said “I want to keep those too.” The problem involved numerous aspects:

1. The buyer was getting the house at 80k under market value because I had thyroid cancer and could no longer keep up with the monstrous home on over an acre with a pool and 12 gardens.
2. My husband was allergic to grass so, maintenance fell in my lap.
3. I never “roll” items not pertaining to the original agreement in AFTER THE AGREEMENT.
4. Three other buyers were waiting to “jump on the property.”
5. Every realtor and prospective buyer wanted my furniture and- couldn’t afford the cost of fabric much less the purchase price with their “offers.”

Hmm, how can you “buy” things that a aren’t for sale and, don’t have a price tag on them unless, you assume that you can create a “name your own price” scenario? I’ve never been afforded the luxury and cannot fathom why anyone else would think they are entitled.

Everything in my home is custom crafted BY ME or, was purchased during my travels by me. There is no “furniture fairy” or, daily drop off of unique items by a Genie. In fact, I’ve never been “given” anything before in my life and for some reason, come across folks all the time who need this or want that, where did the expectation start? I have no idea but after a lifetime of giving my possessions away in order to “shut these people up” my free gift days are over as are my sisters. No good deed goes unpunished and every time we think we are helping someone out, they either want more or, have told a “friend” who needs something too?!

Cindy Daniel and I use a term frequently “if you haven’t seen it before, it’s EXPENSIVE!” Because it’s true and, because everyone who walks into my home always “wants” this or that while having no clue what I had to barter in order to get the finest fabrics while spending up to two years staining and reupholstering the item. You see, I have had to sacrifice in order to buy or trade for fabric that retails at $300 and up.

The home buyer had no idea the double chaise with wheels and two club chairs with ottomans retail for well over $8k and, I educated her while subsequently selling them prior to moving out of the house to consumers who knew the value of handcrafted “finest wrought iron furniture in the world.” You see, I had bought the items while working at Texas Patios and Yard Art with my employee discount and could have bought anything in the store as the number one salesperson but, I bought quality since is never invest in short term items.

Needless to say, the home buyer bought big box furniture that will need to be replaced every year for the patio. I also used those very expensive drapes to reupholster a Baroque 1920s sofa and a wonderful 1940s chair.

The new owner of our home pulled out her own deal breaker with a comment of “well if you don’t throw in all the items I want, it’s a deal breaker” routine with me. I grabbed her contract and proceeded to show her that I was willing to tear it up while she screamed “No!”

Using a push when you don’t expect me to pull is a tragic mistake that has been made multiple times throughout my life. You see, I can pull really hard.

A Wendy Wortham “Deal Breaker” means you’ve poked me in the eye one too many times and, I’m finished being a door mat.

I would never assume that because my doctor lives next door, my treatment should be at no charge- I cannot understand why anyone else would.

I go out of my way to be accommodating to anyone I deal with but, after all I have limits just like anyone else and prior to giving me an ultimatum, it’s best to re-evaluate whether your request is reasonable and I will attempt to accommodate you with my hilarious Texas Twins Team.

Cindy Daniel had her own version of the many folks coming and going with agents through our home when an agent confused us with one person and realizing there were two of us, also assumed we must be “really close!”

“Me and my sis are tighter than a brick road” (we are VERY close)
“That guy is drier than a dirt road” (no personality)
“That lady is tighter than the skirting on a trailer house” (she’s CHEAP)
“That guy is more crooked than a Gypsies smile” (dishonest) “Rolling up the driveway in a 3,000.00 car, REALLY, how you gonna purchase a half million dollar home”? “Kooky loo’s coming to BROWSE the property, when they couldn’t afford the WATER to fill the pool” Cindy had an endless description for anyone rolling up the circle drive!

Cindy didn’t “knock herself out” being friendly to the “kooky Loo’s” but, let’s face it having people roam through your house night and day while recovering from cancer was stressful to say the least but, my sister kept me laughing with unique observations of EVERY family viewing our home.

It’s not often in my life or, in my businesses that I call a deal breaker but, I’m willing to do it again if necessary…

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events