Yesterday was a fairly busy afternoon for The Texas Twins Team as Cindy Daniel, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, Robert and Stephanie Hafele went to three events on the same day.

I started out volunteering at an area food pantry in Fort Worth after packing my suv with baby shower gifts and camera equipment along with a bottle of wine for a gift to a wedding couple on the other side of the metroplex.  Occasionally, my “silver bullet” suv easily puts 200-300 miles over a weekend when I’m in wedding season here in Texas.

Meeting up with my son and his wife at a parking lot off Camp Bowie, we got everything loaded and organized to meet up with Cindy and Leigh Ann and our Little Pawners in Weatherford, Texas to attend a baby shower for my nieces childhood friend, Elaina.

I had purchased numerous baby gifts with Cindy that included onesies and markers for the guests to customize as well as a large decorative vase and cards for everyone to write suggestions or names for the baby and drop into the vase.  The mother can then either frame or simply keep the case as a memento.  We couldn’t stay long before “dashing off” to a wedding over an hour away.

I had received a text from the young Bride a few days earlier after her scheduled officiant had become ill and, agreed to officiate for $50.00 based on the budget of the previous agreement.  It should be noted that I do NOT often waive fees on short notice weddings that incur a travel distance, however, based on circumstances and economics, I often make exceptions.

This business was started specifically because I was aware that many couples cannot afford $200-$600 for a wedding officiant.  I offered reduced rates in order to provide my services to those who could not afford traditional price structures.  Since I am an experienced floral designer, event coordinator and public speaker, after three years of operating Texas Twins Events as well as Texas Twins Treasures, I began accepting trades for services that I refurbish from families who could not afford even the reduced rates I offered.  Merging both businesses to create The Pawning Planners.

My team is dedicated to exceeding expectations of hard working Americans who struggle to pay their bills and often have difficulty paying for a family reunion, birthday party, baptism or wedding.

Trying economic times have made taking a vacation for lower to middle class families with even going out to dinner something impossible to afford. 

By offering to give these families an option that they CAN afford, we are changing the wedding and events industry “one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas!”

Many are confused as to why I would offer low cost or no cost services, the answer is easy, I’ve been in their shoes! I’ve struggled to give my son a beautiful wedding and my twin and I also struggled to give my niece Leigh Ann Blais a beautiful ceremony on a budget.  I successfully accomplished beautiful events by creating ALL of the floral bouquets, Centerpieces, boutenniers and Garland myself.  My twin and my team help me set up, take photographs and organize all of our events.  My identical twin sister, Cindy Daniel is my constant companion and my “ears” at events and our tiny Texas Twins aka The Little Pawners work for tips and flips at weddings and events as ushers, ring bearers, or flower girls with Robert and Stephanie Hafele handling the photography and videography, Stephaney Mahaney is our Spanish translator, Leigh Ann Blais our wedding singer, Virginia Malone my executive secretary and scheduling specialist with Ann Rowe Alexander rounding out the team as the assistant to both myself and Cindy Daniel.

My experience and creativity have effectively given my the inventory to provide almost anything necessary including the bouquets and decorations without having to purchase anything for ANY themed event. Whether it’s a family reunion, birthday party, wedding, renewal of vows, Lbgt union, baptism, etc.  You name it- we can do it! From Valentines Day to Easter to Christmas or a July 4th theme- we have everything you need to “get your party started!” 

While some may find the investment of starting a business solely for the purpose of providing a dream event rather than making a profit “odd” or “out of the ordinary,” my legacy will be one of reaching back to give others something I’ve never enjoyed myself.  Perhaps one day, I will renew my vows in a double ceremony with my twin and our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney acting as the flower girl and ring bearers and my team the bridesmaids? I have given this some thought.

The Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team will continue to build relationships with our community by making dreams come true from Fort Worth, Texas because there is a need for low cost or no cost events AND, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful ceremony regardless of their finances!

This lovely young couple were such a delight yesterday and, the backyard venue with sunflower theme looked amazing on film.  Beautiful Bride Debbie was truly a showstopper walking the aisle in a glittering gown with her Proud Prince Travis awaiting her entrance alongside me.

For the many of you who don’t or cannot understand why I created this business, you should join me at an event where families are so thankful for an opportunity to have memories that will last a lifetime to better grasp why my commitment to my community is as important to myself and my team as it is to the families.

After developing the film taken yesterday, I will mail free copies to the family as a gift.

What have you done for a stranger today my friend? Only we can make the world a better place, only we can reach out and touch a stranger, the gift you give outweighs financial gain by a long shot.  Our clients are inspired to do more within their own communities after realizing why and how I decided to jump in and fill the gap of many families who weren’t able to enjoy something as simple as a beautiful event.

By helping them, they help others, hope isn’t expensive but it is inspiring.

Wendy M Wortham