I had scheduled a Renewal of Vows near Grand Prairie and decided to invite my “crew” to head over to Six Flags afterwards for some family fun.  Cindy Daniel had purchased season passes several months ago.  Normally, Cindy and I buy season passes every year for the “crew.”

Planning for a daylong adventure- you can rest assured that this Texas Twin carefully began planning and packing a full day in advance, after all, someone has to drive this crazy train and that someone is me.

From sunscreen to bottled water, whenever the group is heading anywhere in our dueling suv caravan, it is always my role to ensure that everyone has everything and, that they’ve used the bathroom prior to leaving Wortham World.

My husband, Matthew Wortham never attends family events at fun parks, water parks or events for The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events.  Matthew Wortham prefers the organized structure of Wortham World along with our dog, Foxy Wortham and his weekends of NASCAR and the Golf Channel.  Family outings are overwhelming for my husband who prefers to attend events with The Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and is often the babysitter when the twins aren’t going to an event with the team.  He enjoys peace and quiet which are never involved during a scheduled event or, impromptu family outing.

Robert and Stephanie Mahaney normally arrive prior to Cindy and Steve Daniel with the “Daniel Gang” crew of Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, Stephaney Mahaney and Leigh Ann Blais.

My son Robert Hafele and Steve Daniel almost always employ questionable clothing choices that either don’t match or, have nothing in common.  Shirts are plaid, shorts are floral, and after years of attempting to get my family to wear matching “outfits,” my twin and I have thrown in the towel rather than having a heart attack over clothing with our family- it’s stressful and, it never works out the way I plan it to.  Cindy absolutely hates it when I make clothing suggestions for her as well!

Summer months in Texas are long and hot, The Little Pawners have very fair skin and because of this, Cindy and I slather on the sunscreen.  The older children don’t think they need sunscreen and this continues to be an ongoing discussion for my family. IE: whatever I suggest is always met with resistance and, after “cracking my whip” enough times, sunglasses and at least a small amount of sunscreen are applied prior to “pulling out” of Wortham World.

Realizing that someone has forgotten their phone, their purse, etc. Always happens when I am at least 20-30 miles from Wortham World!  If the individual who wasn’t paying attention as I went over the list of items prior to departure didn’t check their personal possessions- I do not “backtrack.”

I operate on strict timelines and am never late or tardy.  I also always leave early and double the ETA to ensure my motley crew don’t have us running behind due to disorganization.  The concept of timelines, agendas and itineraries is always my responsibility.

Steve Daniel missed many opportunities to spend time with his family when he was laid off from his position as a truck driver for Albertsons after 23 years and due to scarce opportunities, was forced to work as a contractor and fuel tanker driver at Camp Anaconda for 8 years.  Returning only twice a year to see his family- outings and time spent with his family are very important to him and he enjoys the tiny Texas Twins aka “The Littles” fun and adventure perhaps even more than the rest of our family.  Steve Daniel also creates and/or makes many handcrafted items for “The Littles” whenever he is home from his current job with Frachtec.  He spent some time telling me how he had used “spare parts” to handcraft a bird cage and stand for less than $5.00 yesterday.  Steve Daniel has many “stories of the road” and, his childhood.  He had a wonderful upbringing with his cousins as an only child and my twin and I always love to hear his reflections of “back when I was a kid” due mostly to his way of telling a story.  Steve Daniel is a character!  A good ole country boy that my husband enjoys “visiting with.”  Matthew and Steve Daniel are completely different in both appearsnce and upbringing.  Matthew Wortham spent his afternoons at Rivercrest Country Club while Steve Daniel went rafting or running around at the local Dairy Queen.  Steve Daniel loves a milkshake and has his special cup (42 oz)  for his evening “treat” that although cracked, has been repaired over and over by my sister for some ten odd years.

Steve is easy going and easy to get along with and will talk to anyone, anywhere.  Often, when I’m not searching for my sister, I’m searching for my brother in law Steve Daniel during our travels of the Texas Twins.  

It’s going to be a hot one today, so Ya all try to keep cool and I will have some laughs at my interestingly and amusing family.  One thing everyone has in common is family- there’s always a funny family story brewing around here and a new memory is just a “road trip away.”

Wendy M Wortham