Cindy Daniel and I always forget how much work the last garage sale involved and when we decide to liquidate outgrown children’s clothes from the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney 

along with several pieces of my lower priced Texas Twins Inventory furniture, we get reminded all over again!   Estate Liquidation Services require hard work and a sense of humor when you are dealing with the general public.   For a list of our services, please visit Texas Twins Events Site- Services Offered By Wendy Wortham “it’s a family affair” with my dedicated “Texas Twins Team of multigenerational family members.  Taking trades for services- I spend a lot of time in my Texas Twins Treasures workroom but don’t offer these pieces at garage sales for a very good reason- garage sale shoppers don’t realize the value.  Occasionally, we find a flip that we will throw in but, it’s a rare occurrence. Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel The Pawning Planners dig through a lot of junk to find a treasure in exchange for wedding ceremonies, funerals and more.


The minute the signs go out, the shoppers start pulling in and I always have the one thing that everybody stops for and nearly all of them have no idea the value and quality are.  Yesterday’s “hot item” was a 3 piece solid cast iron patio set that retails for $475 I needed space in my workroom and decided to add it to the sale. 


Everyone stopped to admire this item and everyone balked at the price I quoted as $125 FIRM.  This didn’t bother me because I was aware that the “right” customer would snap this up quick, fast and in a hurry upon realizing the value of quality patio furniture.  I’ve sold millions in resort style patio furniture that is designed to be left outdoors year round and am very good at discussing the value of any item I sell.  High end outdoor furniture can last 10, 20 even 30 years while knock off junk sold at big box stores barely makes 3 months because it is imported junk with cheap fabric and mass produced.  You get what you pay for and this is the reason I do not put anything valued at over $500 in a garage sale for shoppers unwilling to spend even $50.  A few years ago, I put one of my designer wingback chairs out at the sale to prove this point to my husband, Matthew Wortham. 


If you haven’t see it before- it’s expensive!  Hand loomed silk chenille in a very heavy upholstery weight fabric, my home furnishings are first class for a very good reason, I believe in endurance and buying something once.  I put a price of $750 on this set low balling it to prove my point of the garage sale mentality and did.  Everyone stopped to ask about this set and no one offered over $300.  The end result? I put it back in the house and smugly smiled because I’ve been selling my entire life and realize the client base in dealing with. 


One of my TexasTwins Treasures buyers came during the sale to pick up a 1950 refurbished medallion velvet embroidered accent chair and everyone turned to stare asking where was that type of furniture at?  My twin sister with her saucy and cynical Texas Redneck humor said “not out here buddy!” This previous client has bought from me on numerous occasions since I don’t have a brick and mortar store because he recognizes that I’m selling well below retail- you can’t find Texas Twins Treasures types of home furnishings at retail establishments for less than a 100% mark up.  One day when I open a storefront the “steal deals” will no longer be available.


As the customer loaded up this unique  armless and creative piece that I spent hours carefully bringing back to life and hundreds of dollars for the exclusive tapestry fabric on, more and more folks “looking for that three piece set” continued to stop by and ask about.  

It was gone and quickly to an elderly buyer who knew what she was getting and was absolutely thrilled to get it for the price I was asking $125!  In fact, I delivered it to her home a few blocks away too.  While I was gone, the folks kept coming back looking for that set and asking if I had taken it back inside.  You see, when I’m looking for flips or trades or even project pieces- if it’s priced fairly I never haggle, I snap that item up before someone else wanders along and snaps it up first.  I put a few other items out (all valued under 500 because that is my threshold limit). 


These barstools and the pair of black captain chairs were both priced fairly at $40 each set and you wouldn’t believe how folks balked at the cost of $20 for each chair– garage sale goofballs (God Love Em)  

always want something for $5 and since nothing we put out at a sale needs refurbishing and is ready to use because I’ve already refurbished it– I don’t “dicker” I realize the value and “stick to my guns.”  One shopper told me she needed the barstools but wouldn’t have the money until next week.  Closing up this sale and my patience, I gave the barstool set to her while Cindy gave away children’s clothing from our darling Little Pawners  

and shoes to families coming up. We liquidated everything left within 20 minutes after four hours of “how much?” I also decided to keep my wreath from Texas Twins Treasures Inventory that a lady offered me $5 for and put it on my front door instead, it looks great there too! 

 Glad to get the signs pulled and once again realize what a whipping an estate sale can be but, if you recognize your client base up front, you will save yourself from the frustration of arguing about why you’ve priced it and how you factored the decision.  I know what my items are worth as does my sister and when we “dig our feet in” at something- we know we can because we sell it eventually to a savvy shopper jumps on the item.

The Pawning Planners spent four hours on the driveway yesterday and “hit a few licks” while helping out a few folks who were honest and didn’t try to “beat us up” on pricing because we believe in helping folks that are honest about it and not trying to act shocked regarding pricing.  Cindy told the folks that continued to come back looking for that set “she knew what she was selling and she knew what it was worth- you missed out buddy” my sister was right of course, I did and I sold it. 


Wendy M Wortham