Many members of the clergy (Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, Wedding Officiants) will NOT conduct a second wedding ceremony.

If you are already married, you do not need a marriage certificate. However, whomever you ask to officiate your ceremony will ask to see this legal instrument as proof that you are in fact, legally married.

If you are wearing a wedding gown and a tuxedo, then you are having a SECOND wedding ceremony. If you are planning on having wedding attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers) then you are having a SECOND wedding ceremony. If you are making up for all the things you could not include in your ACTUAL wedding ceremony, you are having a SECOND wedding ceremony.

Now- I’m going to revisit (again) The Tardy Party Bride who appeared on a television court show with me regarding “her wedding.” First, I had sought legal remedy for both theft of services and defamation after she went online to smear me and complain about HER WEDDING after lying to get a police discount AND being late to her own ceremony! She followed this up (with her “friends”) by stealing my trademark and copyright protected intellectual property to “smear me” on the internet. Government isn’t quick, I reported these infractions last year, but eventually the trademark office will “catch up.”

I’m going to “break this down.” Between the Tardy Party Bride and this latest “incident,” I was paid less $500.00 TOTAL for being present at BOTH events that were NOT actual weddings! Both events caused me economic damages, emotional distress and affected my business and, my reputation. Be ME- how would you feel if you had gone out of your way to accommodate clients and, it “blew up in your face?” Let me answer that for you, you’d react quickly and swiftly to protect yourself, your business and finally your reputation which is based on both of the above!

If I’m not signing and filing a legal instrument, it isn’t a “wedding.” It’s a party and I’m acting in the role I’ve been asked to perform.

Stating that it’s a wedding is perhaps one of the most ridiculous and over the top exaggerations of this “Bride” who was called out on her term “wedding” on national TV and educated that a Renewal of Vows or, a Second Wedding Ceremony are not YOUR WEDDING.

Let’s revue the definition of a Marriage Officiant/Clergy/Minister/Rabbi/Priest.

A Marriage Officiant is a civil officer who performs acts of marriage, civil union or commitment. The main responsibility is to receive and witness the consent of the intended spouses and to ensure the LEGAL formalities, and hence the VALIDITY of the marriage or civil union, are observed. Unlike wedding and civil union ceremonies, there is no legal filing of paperwork required for ceremonies. Officiants duties and responsibilities vary but are under state and federal guidelines pertaining to the legal responsibility of the officiant.

In the United States, Canada and around the world, a Celebrant is a person who performs religious or secular celebrancy services for weddings, funerals, baptism, child naming, coming of age ceremonies and other rituals.

Celebrants may perform alternative and no traditional ceremonies in places, and under circumstances where mainstream religious clergy will not. Celebrants are also called officiants and often perform ceremonies in parks, on beaches, on mountains, on boats, hot air balloons, hiking trails, banquet halls, private homes and numerous other places.

Laws in each state of the United States vary BUT ANYONE signing a LEGAL instrument is doing so with both state and federal guidelines that they must fully understand their signature bears a responsibility with.

For the past THREE years, I’ve volunteered within charitable organizations, I’ve strived to make my clients happy, and I have followed ALL state and federal guidelines associated with my role.

Over the past year, I have been forced to file lawsuits to protect myself, my reputation and my businesses.

The beautiful couple, Lisa and Terry Williams, who contacted me to perform a Renewal of Vows were the exception. You see, this gracious and fun loving couple were kind, thankful and the type of family that I enjoy going “above and beyond” both with my team and our production crew.

Specifically, I’m going to point out that the personality and family you are dealing with can and will make all the difference in the world when you have the RIGHT couple.

Out of hundreds of ceremonies, I’ve had two that have forced me to re evaluate my business, my reputation and, my future.

I’ve spent the last week considering if “throwing in the towel” over a “few bad apples” is worth it and I’ve decided that- it isn’t!

Rather, I will stand up and protect my reputation and my future while defining the elements of defamation from Fort Worth, Texas and, I will show other small businesses how to protect themselves from being “targeted” on social media sites.

You see, action causes reaction. This Texas Twin has decided that I will never again be put through the hell of having my reputation slandered by either a Bride, Bridesmaid or, even a GUESTZILLA.

Printing and publishing “comments” or, “opinions” that harm, defame or exaggerate elements of the truth are actions that carry fairly stiff penalties.

I regularly publish legal references to these types of “opinions” for very good reasons, in order to establish that I’ve published the ramifications of your actions, you cannot “claim” you were unaware of what you were doing, when you “did it.”

Both of these suits were the direct result of a second marriage and, I’m publicly posting that I will NOT conduct another second marriage WITHOUT a valid and binding signed contract since both times I’ve conducted this type of ceremony have resulted in complete and total emotional distress and, impacted my business, my life and my emotional state and, my future!

Frankly, for a person who goes “above and beyond” I’m certain that anyone reading this can and will understand my reasons for making this type of decision.

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events
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