Not many of my friends understand that a stairwell or gorgeous wooden boat can take my breath away, you see for me the lines the polished finish, the beauty of handcrafted work enamors me.

Perhaps my favorite ” flips” involve antiques nearly most of the time because my vision of what they could be rather than their current condition is the start of an investment that will bring the piece to it’s former grand state once again.

Reupholstering furniture is no easy task, the staining the fabric and the labor are all fairly large investments and, if not done properly, can ruin the look of the piece!

Researching velvets, tapestries and period fabrics prior to reupholstering is a must for anyone in the furniture business.

But for my companies Texas Twins Events and, Texas Twins Treasures, when I take something in trade for wedding and event services, it’s imperative to sum up an approximate cost fairly quickly to prevent being “upside down” at the end of the process.

Of course, I hand many pieces that I fall in love with and can’t bear to sell or give up! My home is overrun with various pieces that years after acquiring and deciding how to refurbish them, the finished project (much like a classic wooden boat) is so stunning that I cannot imagine selling it.

Am I a hoarder of handsome carved antiques? Maybe. A junkie for heavy embroidered gorgeous tapestry fabric? Yes.

You see, the beauty of hand loomed fabrics with intricate designs far outweighs the mechanical process used in today’s textiles.

Occasionally, I run across a square or partial piece of a unique fabric centuries old that I use as a welt or a band. It’s never been necessary for me to use a solid fabric on a piece as I enjoy the artistic endeavor of mixing numerous treasures fabrics and bring out the personality of the piece.

For me, it is rare to furnish a piece of furniture in the same fabric, this Victorian Sofa taken in trade along with a very unusual lamp and coffee table for a funeral service and silk floral arrangements was done in a solid berry/burgundy so that I could “jazz it up” with bold tapestry feather filled cushions.

Are all my pieces stripped down completely prior to the refurbish is a question I’m often asked and the answer is yes. Old fill and foam are not hypoallergenic and can contain dust mites.

It’s necessary to basically start from scratch to ensure the finished item is remarkable and, structurally sound prior to which is for me, the most important part, the choosing of the base upholstery, the band, the contrast welt and finally, the lines of the piece.

I do hope this better explains the process from start to finish and welcome your input.