This morning I called my twin, Cindy Daniel and my dad along with my son and his wife to run on over to the new Disney movie, Penguins of Madagascar.

Going to the movies on holidays has become a tradition in my family right next to visiting a fun park.

Perhaps this sounds somewhat unconventional to a few, but with many families spending a quick hour or two to head to the next group of relatives, I’ve decided that “taking it easy” and enjoying each other’s company is more important than trying to cook all day.

Tomorrow we are heading to Six Flags for some fun at holiday in the park. My fondest memories are not of cooking and cleaning but instead of hearing the laughs and seeing the smiles on our children’s faces as we have a good time together.

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney enjoyed this 3D cartoon as much as we did and, I’m cooking to deliver plates of hot holiday food to a few neighbors who have suffered health crisis along with a plate for my dad and my dear family friend, Angela Rodden.

As we head into Christmas, Cindy and I continue to wrap gifts of blankets, robes, books and slippers to hand out at area shelters and nursing homes. This year we have been blessed to have enough income to do even more for our community than last year and for this, we are thankful.

As you look across the dinner table at your friends and family, please remember the less fortunate and keep your charitable gifts local to touch your own community.

Many Thanksgiving Blessings to our dear and loyal readers!