While struggling with a kidney infection this afternoon, Austin Elementary called to let me know both of our little Pawners were crying because Makenna had accidentally thrown her iphone away at lunch in a Happy Meal box my twin had dropped off.

After telling Makenna I’m en route with a step ladder and some gloves- my silver bullet pulled out and headed to Weatherford, Texas. I brought a large glass of cranberry juice for this “journey.” A weekend of too much caffeine had come back to haunt me and, oh brother can a kidney infection be painful ya all! Thank goodness for Parker County Urgent Care getting me in on a holiday- God Bless them!

I’ve dug through the trash looking for Cindy’s partial in nearly every city we’ve travelled to, she’s always throwing it away somewhere!

After some “digging around” with Cindy, we located the very important electronic device my little darlings can’t live without and saved the day.

I’m often asked if I’m willing to “do anything” to correct a problem and the answer is yes. You see, neither Cindy nor I think we are “above” doing whatever is necessary to “make things right” and, it often involves getting a little dirty doing it.

Although, Cindy’s pants were soaked with juice boxes and flies were chasing us, Makenna was thrilled to have her phone back.

Once at a wedding, I repaired a toilet that was stopped up and Cindy pitched in at another event to wash glasses that hadn’t been properly cleaned.

You see, knowing how to resolve problems is an asset in our business and overcoming issues is key to the success of The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team.

You name it- we’ve most likely had to overcome it from helping a short staffed caterer to repairing a bridal bouquet or fixing a broken tooth of a hysterical bride.

Getting your hands dirty has it’s rewards and the smile of a 10 year old is worth getting a little dirty over.

As we head off to go get “cleaned up” I ask if Cindy has her partial- she sometimes slips it into her all purpose bra and I worried it may have fallen out.

Pulling out a snack, my sister winks at me and says no problem buddy I’ve got that and a few pieces of Laughy Taffy to boot!

Cindy is ever prepared with a snack, dental floss, a magnet or a loop for our next “emergency!”

Wendy M Wortham
Travels of the Texas Twins