Skipping the traditional baby shower and instead, opting for a gender reveal party has become one of the hottest and perhaps funnest twists on traditional parties to “hit” the events industry.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to “make dreams come true” from Fort Worth, Texas, I jumped on board to “brush up” on this new trend with my Texas Twins Team!

These parties reveal the sex of the baby as being either a boy or girl by various ways, using the cake, Piñatas, cupcakes, glitter, even silly string.

Since my twin, Cindy Daniel and I are just dying to know if our “Littlest Pawner Blais” is going to be a boy or girl, we have decided to do a gender reveal party for my niece, Leigh Ann after “investigating” how to “pull it off.”

I love Piñatas and Cindy loves candy- this is going to be fun ya all!

Whether it’s with balloons in a box or ribbons and bows- let your imagination run wild with ideas of how to get the colors going.

Rather than having the ultrasound tech “yell” out the sex of the baby during my nieces next appt, Cindy and I are going to have her seal the gender in an envelope and hand it to us.

Capturing the “secret” is key to some of the best “surprise” photos of the party.

I love the idea of “What’s is gonna bee party.” The yellow and black decorations are also festive and fun with happy faced bees.

I officiated the wedding of Alex and Leigh Ann Blais in Fort Worth and this “sailor boy” husband is just as excited to know as we are but, is currently stationed in Washington. We are planning to film the party so Alex can watch with us and celebrate this blessing.

Leigh Ann has had several weeks of nausea and dizziness so, we’ve been waiting until she’s beyond the morning sickness stage to “get this party started!”

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Wendy M Wortham