Driving to Mineral Wells, Texas Cindy was busy laughing about an email from someone who had yet again requested a connection on LinkedIn only to be followed up by yet another “sales pitch.” This time from someone promoting insurance to our clients. Connection requests and subsequent pitches aren’t the way to sell a product and yet, a few folks haven’t figured that out yet. 

Someone had else connected with me on LinkedIn AND then asked me about selling my businesses to them? What the? We laughed and laughed about this particular request because without us there isn’t a business. 

I was interested in this set because I liked the lines and was planning to reupholster it with the chair in a red velvet and the settee in a leopard silk with coordinating red velvet welt.I had thought about doing a turquoise velvet on the chair too but as usual, I was undecided. When we take a trade, I store the item for months or weeks while throwing fabric swatches over it to decide which way I plan to go. Cindy isn’t interested in furniture flips due to the expense involved to flip em. I am because I know that it takes money to make money.

Today’s client wanted us to “be there at 9:30AM.” Because I plan and map out my meetings and travel, I moved the timeline to meet my other clients for this weekends event to 11AM in order to be in Dallas by 12:30 to meet my Ellis Unit client Naquitia for a birthday party and photography package she had booked for her four year old twin daughters. I’m really looking forward to finally meeting Naquitia’s twins today!

I had already asked about the foam and fill on this set and the structure. The client had assured me “it just needs new fabric.” I’ve heard this one before ya all so I went in knowing the possibility of adjusting the springs and replacing the foam and fill was and could be a factor on this flip.

Arriving at the address, the pieces were in front of the barn. Cindy and I looked at each other. This was odd. Why bring them outside? Hmm. Saddling up for another adventure, the Texas Twins got out of our SUV to meet the clients who are planning a Vow Renewal. These are “be back” clients. What does that mean? I married them while the husband was in Parker County Jail last year. Don’t ask me why as I never share personal details about my clients previous run ins with the law.

We hugged and I asked about the history of the pieces while Cindy gravitated towards a butter churn AKA “quick flip.” Cindy will take a photo on her phone on location and often flip a quick flip before we move to our next destination by listing the item at Texas Twins Treasures. I’m always amazed at how she pulls this off when I spend weeks or months reupholstering items but we are always interested in totally different things on location and effectively split up.

I sat in the chair and nearly fell through it. Wood rot AGAIN. Dang it! When people store items in barns and other places that aren’t climate controlled, you never know what you will find under what you can see. I sit in furniture to test it out. While the structure might look okay from outward appearances, flipping over and even sitting in items is how I test the structure. 

A lot of ya all are still laughing about the three eyed, two headed fox stoles we took in trade a few months ago from Huntsville. We finally flipped it. It was a shocker for sure but, we don’t limit creative or unique flip submitted items. By the way, our client finally met someone on Match and we are looking forward to marrying her this winter. 

The client always thinks they know the value of items but, what you think it’s worth based on the condition as well as the investment required are how I appraise the item. This set was worth far less due to the seat condition of the set. Since we had an established relationship with this couple, there were no arguments to my appraisal. I flipped both pieces over to better elaborate anyway. I’m honest and not trying to take advantage of anyone. Because of this, I’m also happy to explain how I came to a number. 

We are off and running again and had a great time visiting with our clients and cant wait to see them again in October… winter weddings ROCK!