Often, my twin sister Cindy thinks I over prepare and assume a problem when “it might not rain” the wedding bouquet falls off a hotel terrace and, gets run over or some other unplanned event or, family emergency occurs. At a recent event, the father of the Bride left a rehearsal and, was arrested on an oustanding warrant! Imagine having to find someone else to give away this beautiful bride at the 11th hour (who had not attended a rehearsal ceremony) yes, many things no one could plan for happen everyday within this industry.

I on the other hand, assume the worst scenario in order to prepare the couple of a Plan B and how to overcome an unexpected change in location. I can’t help it, my strong desire to overcome something unexpected can often prevent me from sleeping! Did I think of everything? What if the caterer has a flat tire? The wedding cake delivery person gets lost? I can go on and on…

Wedding venues and vendors do not offer refunds due to inclement weather. Instead, we attempt to reschedule (if possible.) Texas Twins Events and Reverend Wendy Wortham outline our policy regarding deposits due to cancellation by the client for numerous reasons but mainly because I cannot “hold a date” for several months that I must now plan around and 48 hours prior to the event receive word that the couple has decided to cancel. You see, I lost work by holding the schedule to accommodate the client. Wedding venues often use the same standard as do photographers, caterers, etc.

Two months ago, I had booked a Saturday and a Sunday for a couple on my twin sisters (and my own, of course) birthday weekend. One day prior to the scheduled event, the couple cancelled and yesterday (nearly 6 weeks after canceling) and requested a full refund (which I declined and attached a copy of our cancellation policy outlining the reasons.) You see, wedding officiants run across cancellations, date changes, fickle couples, etc all the time and, must clearly address issues PRIOR to the issue occurring. Planning takes time and rescheduling is no exception to the planning process.

Issues that aren’t planned for outside my capacity are often “popping up” which is why I’m a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C thinker and, preparer.

While we had hoped the rain would “miss” the venue, it rained so hard and for the entire event that a Plan B was (most assuredly) necessary. Luckily, we found a friend to give the gorgeous bride away and the wedding turned out beautifully!

Although, the outdoor arbor was gorgeous with chandeliers and a perfect altar, moaning over not being able to use it for the ceremony was not going to resolve the issue at hand. Sadly, the venue was booked specifically because the bride loved the outdoor area.

Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best with an outdoor venue and weather that “changes quickly” in North Texas continues to be an issue for not only wedding ceremonies but, funerals as well which is why I always suggest using the funerals homes rooms for a memorial.

This particular venue had an indoor area but, space was very limited for not only the wedding area but also walk space due to the tables and chairs.

To accommodate everyone, I had the guests carry their own chairs back to the tables immediately following the ceremony. Although, a few guests didn’t understand the necessity of moving their own chairs due to a small on hand staff at the venue, most were unfazed by my request and quickly moved chairs while the photographers took photos of the couple and wedding party.

Sometimes, I over plan. However, more often than not it’s my over planning that ensures perfection at our many events.

Although I cannot predict who will cancel or, need to reschedule their event, I do try to make accommodations (within reason) to provide the ceremony that was originally booked.

I do hope this better explains why the no refund cancellation policy exists and am happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding this issue.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events