The Pawning Planners, Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel take trades on our services for clients who don’t have cash to cover their events for 10-20% of our clients.

I’m often asked why I can’t do a wedding or event within 24-48 hours when accepting a trade and the reason is somewhat complex as the item always involves an investment of my time and finances to refurbish and make ready the item to sell in my eBay store Texas Twins Treasures.

Staining, locating the right fabric and labor for furniture items often requires a minimum of 4 weeks and, for this reason we must meet with a client and examine their offer prior to booking the event.

Trades of furs, couture clothing, jewelry and household items are often easily “quick flipped” because they require very little to make ready for sale.

Numerous events are often required on a very short window and because of this, our low cost events have numerous discounts.

I often spend weeks on furniture with sanding, stripping and staining prior to deciding what fabrics I will either use out of my inventory or, barter for with my eBay friends overseas. I’m incredibly picky about fabric and only use very heavy silk loomed upholstery tapestry. Often I’m asked if I sell fabric and the answer is a very firm no as I pay customs and have a minimum order required from my shippers that is significantly expensive and averages up to $300 a yard.

My history in upscale furniture spans over thirty years and, construction is a very important aspect of my taking a trade of antiques that are often in a horrible state of neglect when taken in by me. Bringing the luster back to my pieces is a labor of love and long term commitment of both time and money.

For families who contact me with little or no money, I also offer use of my handcrafted floral bouquets and other items to provide a beautiful event.

My desire to give others a ceremony that I’ve always wanted but never had may sound odd to many but, one day perhaps I will finally have that vow renewal with my twin Cindy Daniel and her husband and twin it right down the aisle together with our husbands all these years later.

My love of wood is well known, I love a wooden boat or a beautiful winding stairwell or beautiful antique carved piece and while my twin cannot see the beauty of a remarkable cut of wood- it always takes my breath away and I’m already planning how I will transform this piece to either keep or sell through Texas Twins Treasures.

Cindy is the queen of the “quick flip” and loves to “hit a lick” on something quick and easy while I invest many hours into a piece and enjoy going over the fabrics and quirky personality traits of the piece.

I do hope this better explains how the swapping and flipping end of our business works and welcome your comments at either of my sites.

For clients to submit their trade, simply click on the top toolbar and include a photo and description.

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