No home is complete without a roll of duct tape.  The RedNeck Reality is that this handy Jack of all trades invention can be fashioned to make a rope to tie down the back of my SUV, mend a sandal that the heel has come unattached, fix my torn back seat pocket, mend a bouquet that has come unravelled, patch my twins above ground pool and more!


My twin, Cindy Daniel has a HillBilly HowTo for darn near anything and uses her creative QuickFix Skills on a regular basis.  When I’m taking a “swap” “flip” or, trade for services, my well worn and high mileage SUV is my “truckster.” 

I’ve often crammed some broken and falling apart pieces into the back that once included a 6 foot sofa.  The condition some of my trades and finds around DFW have always shocked my sister.  She doesn’t see what I see and, that’s okay because when I finish with a piece- her look of astonishment is worth the time it takes me to carefully strip, stain and reupholster the item to its original condition.  I’m patient when choosing a combination of fabrics that are usually a silk loomed chenille with a contrast welt. 


The finished product is showroom ready and always a unique expression of myself.  Without duct tape- I would never have hauled most of the items that I’ve refurbished. My make shift “rope” of duct tape has come in handy hundreds of times and, I’m not very good with traditional ropes and tie downs so, the easy and useful alternative of duct tape often “saves the day!”  


My husband has a yearly “discussion” of trading in my Silver Bullet for a new car that always ends with my quick and quirky “we’ve shared so many adventures together, I just can’t let her go just yet.”  For years I drove my Silver Bullet with a dent  on the passenger front panel where an uninsured driver clipped me while en route to an event.  I often need a car wash and vacuum after Travels with my Texas Team but, I consider my SUV a “work vehicle.” 


We’ve been on hundreds of road trips hitting hundreds of rest stops while taking two SUV’s of floral designs and Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team members.  My husband has driven his truck with a huge dent on the drivers side for over 4 years.  He isn’t interested in fixing it either with his rationalization that “it doesn’t affect the trucks ability to take me from point A to B.”  Maybe an “impressive vehicle” isn’t important to either of us at WorthamWorld where the central location of all activities takes place?  Perhaps, but our home and often office while sometimes being a wedding venue is kept immaculate at all times because we live here and while I may “live out of” my beloved SUV, keeping it pristine or, even replacing it is something that most likely will not happen anytime soon since “it works” for everything I need and, it seats 6!  


Recently, while getting my oil changed, a lady asked why there was “so much” writing on my back windshield? I’ve recently added to my Silver Bullet and my twin sisters, Black Beauty. 


With traveling ice chests to store complimentary champagne for our Dream Events families & couples I also always pack bottled water (a MUST for outdoor events) and soft drinks for The Little Pawners.  I rationalize with my husband that I’ve yet to hit 200k miles on my SUV and it most certainly is capable of handling another 70k.  I’m traveling to Austin Pride and he has concerns about another road trip in my SUV- I’m not because I’ve been so many places and shared so many memories with this “perfect” road warrior. I spend hours organizing and packing the SUV’s for an event and make lengthy lists of the must have items which always include duct tape!


Cindy agrees with me, her Black Beauty has often travelled with me to road trips and rest areas and, has nearly as many miles as my own.  Stocked in both of our vehicles? Duct tape and Cindy’s QuickFix BagOTricks! 


Here, there and everywhere, these two sets of twins in Texas love our SUV’s and trust them to get us to airports, Dream Events, rest areas and drive thru’s.  If one of our vehicles should ever (God forbid) break down and need repair, you can bet that we will get them fixed and “hit the bricks” for our next adventure because the thought of replacing something you’ve shared hundreds of events, friends and fantastic journeys with fills me with dread. I love my SUV ?