Throughout our travels with the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team we have always “met up” at my home aka WorthamWorld. 


Many exciting things have taken place at my home from weddings to our fantastically fun transformations from “Drab to Fab” with tips and tricks from Drag Queen Divas Rochelle Roullette and Siren (Tucker Taylor aka Rochelle transforms team member Ann Rowe Alexander).  We’ve shared many laughs and stories at WorthamWorld while my husband, Matthew Wortham took Mr Foxy Wortham on a car ride or “hid out” in his office at McBee Homes as he did during the filming of The Pawning Planners. 


My husband is “camera shy” and had zero interest in being filmed or “miked up.”  That’s okay because he is a quiet type who prefers to watch either The Golf Channel or NASCAR and patiently await our return.  During the filming of “Drab to Fab” with Sean Percer and Chris Watson films, my husband had two photographers here at WorthamWorld and even then, felt the need to flee or “hide out” during the filming process. 


Matthew Wortham prefers to be behind a camera rather than in front of it and although he became accustomed to the production team arriving at WorthamWorld every morning during filming and got to know everyone, he will never be “comfortable” in front of the camera although he “sucked it up” and appeared at Rudy Smedley’s Karate Studio when I had to make an “Emergency Call” after realizing that the team had forgotten champagne flutes AND the champagne! 


It was his first time to be “miked up” and Jerimiah quickly put him at ease with an explanation of what he was doing and why.  Kristen Webley, Nick Lee, David Diaz, Kjerstin Johnson, our camera men and sound guys all worked together and made the filming process comfortable for my sister and our team.  This is very important because when you have small children, (our Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney) you need a production team that understands and works well with children. 


Welcoming the production team into WorthamWorld every morning and getting the lighting, sound and team “set up” became second nature to us and also taught my husband that routine works well for all of us during filming, including him.  I like routine and knowing what to expect since something is usually happening that I didn’t expect, it helps me to have an idea of how my day is going to “roll.”


I’m always smiling or laughing with my twin and sidekick, Cindy Daniel. She’s hilarious and knows what I wil find funny or rib tickling.  Cindy uses her classic #Cindyisms to describe our many adventures, my twin can communicate with me often with just a look or sigh. 


This is me open mouthed during the Fort Worth Pride Parade when my sister belts out (off key, of course) a disco tune since we had no music with us and after a moment of surprise- I naturally chimed in singing with her and our group!  


Cindy Daniel (left) Wendy Wortham (right) takes photos of everything including my recovering from thyroid cancer and looking terrible.  She documents everything with photos and often uses all the memory on her iPhone. 


I’m comfortable “goofing around” with Cindy and often will try on something just because she asked me to. Although, I don’t think cowboy hats “suit me” if she asks me to do something I and our Little Pawners quickly do for her to snap a pic. 


The Little Pawners have a lot of fun with my twin when choosing their “outfits.”  Cindy handcrafts many of their one of a kind ensembles and takes great pride in their appearance. 

The Little Pawners aka Tiny Texas Twins have an “outfit” for any and all occasions.  My twin does an amazing job singlehandedly fixing their hair, adding accessories and ensuring they are “picture perfect” prior to a departure from the DanielDivaDiggs. 

 If the “crew” and our floral designs, columns, and decorations can fit into one SUV, I’m the designated driver.  However, should we need both SUV’s, Cindy and I communicate via cell phones throughout the trip and often, someone else drives Cindy’s SUV so she can ride shotgun in my SUV.  We love spending time together and our happiest times have always been when we are together. 

 Many people ask us why we spend so much time together and the answer is simple- we truly enjoy each other’s company and refer to these journeys as “Twinning and Winning.”  Why? Because we have both spent years working for someone else and rarely having any time to spend with each other. 

 Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners changed all of that and gave us a window to spend more time with each other and our families- now that truly is #Winning! 


From modeling clothes to sell on eBay at my storefront Texas Twins Treasures to traveling to a Pride Event to officiating a wedding, funeral, baptism, christening, birthday party, family reunion or other event- we love being twins and we rejoice and laugh at our journeys from point A to point B as they are almost always comical with a diverse group of interesting personalities of the team. 


No one (other than us, of course) can agree on anything from the gas station to the restaurant to the directions on another adventure of our team.  Coin flips and games of Rock Paper Scissors almost always are involved when one person wants to eat there and another wants to eat here. 


Even The Little Pawners have completely opposite choices for dining experiences! Yes, I’m never bored with my motley crew of adventurers because every one has an opinion around here but, as the Captain or Fearless Leader, it is I who makes the decisions when a decision cannot be arrived at without my input. I’ve been called “bossy” on occasion and find it a compliment because I am the scheduler, the coordinate and the doer. 


We are greatly looking forward to “teaming up” this year in the TCGPWA Parade October 4 with Tom McAvoy and The Rainbow Lounge, I expect this year to be perhaps one of the best turnouts for Fort Worth yet!  While Tom and The Rainbow have a float, all of our twins, friends and followers are welcome to march in our walking entry for The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Entry. 


We will be “bunking up” at the Austin Pride Parade with the entire team in two hotel rooms and, I expect that (as usual) the laughs at my motley crew with my twin will (yet again) give us many stories to tell and memories to share. 


Traveling with the team and staying in a hotel is like being in a National Lampoon film, or living in a dorm for a night.  The expected “blackmail photos” of hair standing up or someone sleeping with drool on their mouth and falling victim to waking up wearing a marks a lot mustache is always a possibility around here.  Finding my clothes in a hotel room? An escapade in futility!  Our most memorable travels have always included the “hotel adventure.” I can NEVER locate a complete ensemble with the ensuing tornado of The Little Pawners “outfits” covering one end of our suite to the other end! Recently, we had to use the hallway in order to attempt closing all the luggage.  Was I upset over this? No, I was laughing too hard while the twins laid across the luggage because they are Travelling twins and have spent their lives hitting airports, hotels and car rental lots while often posing for photos from their many admirers.


The all time “topper trips” include rental cars, airports AND hotels! From laying on luggage to attempt closing it (after buying too many souvenirs) to trying to find your underwear or bra- traveling with this team ensues hilarity on our road trips, rest stops and reality! Travelling with two sets of twins requires a good sense of humor by the time you add the rest of our unique ensemble it gets even funnier with everyone’s “opinion” regarding how we should do this or that or even go here or there.


While my husband is NOW completely comfortable with our production team, it should be noted that he HATES to travel and, prefers to stay at WorthamWorld while happily waving from our wrought iron, plant draped veranda as we head out for our next adventure with Mr Foxy Wortham (our team mascot and family dog) wagging his tail.  Matthew Wortham never joins the crew for our road trips, rest areas and rendezvous.  He’s patient, tolerant and always waiting with a fresh cooked meal since he knows that Cindy and I often skip meals at events and are starving by the time we hit the door at WorthamWorld.  My husband has a great sense of humor and needs it with my life and businesses.

 He prefers his recliner and wide screen HD TV and when he isn’t watching Golf or NASCAR, he can be found watching his favorite reruns of King of Queens, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond or ANYTHING involving racing from motor cross to bicycles to drag racing.  My husband and I rarely go out to eat since we both enjoy cooking together at WorthamWorld but, when we do, we have a good time.  Once a week we plan a lunch date on his day off and choose a favorite restaurant and while I love going to the movies- it’s a rarity to go with my husband, he prefers pay per view movies at home.  When I go to the movies, it’s with my team and we often argue and do a coin toss on the movie!  I enjoy watching movies but rarely watch traditional television shows.  


Nearly all of my crazy adventures and Travels of the Texas Twins are with my twin and our Little Pawners along with the team and, I like it that way? because my husband and I had an agreement when we married that “we would never make each other do anything we didn’t want to” we’ve kept that “deal” ten years and it works well for both of us.  He supports me in all my entrepeneur adventures and likes the routine of his job and day.  My day is different everyday and often even I have no idea where I will be or what I will be doing because everyday is different and I enjoy the “last minute” excursions with my twin and out team.  


As I begin planning my next Dream Event for a young lady who contacted me three weeks ago with a mother in stage 4 pancreatic cancer who has a dying wish to see her daughter married, it becomes apparent to me that The Pawning Planners was my calling, it put me in a place to meet strangers and give them hope.  The Texas Twins Team has seen the joy and felt the gracious thanks from strangers who cry when they tell us that without The Pawning Planners, their Dream Event would have never happened. It is these families who drive the train, they propel us to exceed any expectation they may have had and, as they hug the Team and express their gratitude, I realize that this is my home away from home.  Meeting strangers who had a desire for something special and yet, had no money to pay for it, these are families who needed hope they needed a hero and, they found it with my Team. 

 Their smiles, their stories, their histories are rich with culture and diversity.  They don’t ask why I created a business that wasn’t based on earning income because without it- they would have never found us and thus never have enjoyed something they will never forget along with meeting the Travelling Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team!  What have you done for a stranger today my friend?   

Wendy M Wortham