My sister and I love road trips which helps when you are in the “Bartering Business” because we do a lot of traveling to Appraisal Appointments in search of our next Flip or Flop because the truth is that we don’t always know what will sell or for how much.  Although we have made a few mistakes on trades now and then,  bartering is like a roller coaster of ups and downs which is why we carefully review the event services a client is requesting versus what they are offering as a barter.

Many of our TwinFriends either own a business together or work together because twins love spending time with each other.  My sister is the saucy and sassy creator of #Cindyism Quotes used on our Pawning Planners Apparel clothing line.  Cindy is always funny and entertaining with a new one liner to sum up nearly any situation!

Funds from Texas Twins Treasures are used when a family or couple can’t come up with an equitable barter.  Everyone in my family works at Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins Treasures to make Dream Events a reality including our mini me twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.

My Flops at Texas Twins Treasures have often included furniture due to the expense of high end upholstery fabrics and labor.  On occasion these pieces that I’m upside down on find a new home at WorthamWorld which is why my home is fairly eclectic mix of unmatched furniture.

Winter is my window of acquiring new fabrics for future Flips.  Most of my upholstery is imported from overseas due to the high quality.  When you’re investing in Flipping furniture, you don’t cut any corners.

My business had an unexpected boost this year at Texas Twins Events when I decided to go through the process of becoming an Approved TDCJ Officiant.

Ironically, like many other things in my life, I literally “fell into” this new aspect of my event business when Misty Faraday requested an Officiant for Estes Unit in Venus, Texas.  Much like bartering event services- Texas Prison Weddings and Pre Marital Counseling or Crisis Intervention as well as Estate Liquidation, Rent Parties and a few other services we now offer had never occurred to me when I “set out to change the Wedding & Events industry one family (or barter) at a time.”  Sometimes you’ve got to roll with the flow and I do.

Bridal photography for Prison Brides might sound a little out of the ordinary too but, giving these brides an opportunity to feel like a bride regardless of their circumstances is another reason we are “different” than other vendors.

My goal was to make events affordable for anyone regardless of their income when I started Texas Twins Events and although we’ve had a few twists and turns over the years, my original concept of creating a People Over Profit based business continues to prosper because I took a risk and decided to do something no one else would.

I use the term “diverse client base” frequently in all of my blogs for a very good reason- our clients are from all walks of life and create an effective melting pot.  From the rich to the poor and everywhere in between, no two clients are alike.

We treat every client like an old friend or family member because many of them were “screened” by other event vendors.  Nearly half of my clients are LBGT and recent new clients for TDCJ weddings are expanding my schedule to such an extent that I’m having to schedule their wedding further out or refer them to another Approved TDCJ Officiant I trust.

Although I’m often asked to refer or prefer one vendor over another when coordinating events, I only refer people that I know or have worked with so please don’t ask me to refer you if we have never worked together or even met one another.  My clients trust me and I earned that trust so reverting someone I know nothing about isn’t going to happen.

Many of you have asked about a release date for my autobiography “Paying It Forward-The Pawning Planners Philosophy.”  We are still working on a few chapters and edits and will make our unique journey available at Texas Twins Treasures, Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners sites as soon as it’s been published.  Funding from my book will help finance the many families we sponsor every year along with sales from Texas Twins Treasures.

I spend a lot of time with my family traveling to events, appraisal appointments and client meetings and enjoy spending time with my family more than anyone realizes.  We laugh together and have a great time helping all of these families and meet new friends everyday which is the greatest gift of all…