Often when a family contacts me regarding a ceremony I must dig deeply to get enough information regarding the background of the child or children being adopted, rarely do the adoptive parents go into great detail of their journey to welcome a child or children into their lives.

It’s often assumed that adoptive parents are unable to best children of their own- this is untrue and in fact most adoptive families already have children of their own and wish to offer orphaned children the luxury of a stable home and a loving and nurturing environment.

I was contacted last winter regarding an adoption ceremony combined with a Baptism for a family who had spent nearly three years adopting a 3 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.

Susan explained that initially, she had wanted only one child but after learning the siblings would be separated, discussed adopting both children with her family who quickly agreed that adopting both children would fit their fun loving lifestyle and living space.

Although Susan was Southern Baptist, her husband had been raised Methodist. Religious background information is always an important element and because of this, I offer Interfaith Ceremonies that blend and honor each individuals beliefs and like a rope can strengthen the family by blending and joining their Religious Preferences.

Beginning an adoption ceremony, I often ask for Blessings of the child or children.

“We ask the Gods and all of the spirits of nature to guide and bless this child.”

“We wish for (his/her) the greatest love and peace, and the confidence and wisdom to find (his/her) own path in life.”

“As to (his/her) family, we will help lead (him/her) to (him/her) own inner strengths, so that (he/she) may fulfill all of (his/her) desires and potential, as (he/she) grows.”

“May the earth give (him/her) strength and security to help keep (him/her) grounded and focused.”

“May the winds give (him/her) the gift of communication to help (him/her) understand others and to be understood.”

“May the waters teach (him/her) to listen to (his/her) own intuition and to understand the depths of love and emotion.”

“May the flames of passion spark creativity, exuberance and positive life force.”

Normally the Grandparents and Godparents attend an Adoption Ceremony, Baby Naming or Christening and I give everyone an opportunity to either read scripture or quote poetry.

Blending an Honoring a Sibling Ceremony when existing children are involved is an important element to insure that the other child or children within the home do not feel “left out.”

_______, this is a special time for you too. You are now a big (brother/sister). You can teach _______ the things you know and help (him/her) learn about life.

When a new baby comes home, the parents must spend a lot of time feeding and taking care of the baby

Your mother and father want to thank you for your patience and understanding and, your help. They want you to know how much they love you today and everyday and remind you that simply because your family is now larger, you will be just as important and loved today as you are tomorrow since strong family ties often extend to adulthood when blending families is honored and accepted as a new direction as well as a blessing to both the parents, the siblings and the new child or, children.