Three times in my lifetime I’ve lost my hair due to stress and once due to medication.  A lot of folks find it interesting that Cindy and I are so honest about our hair that we often “pull it off” to show folks how the “weave works.” 


You can clip on a three prong “up do” or, there are clip ins, and numerous other variations that all begin with a topknot that originated with a ponytail.  No time to style your hair= No Problem! We love the simplicity and change out hair nearly as often as we change our clothes. 


I call the shorter 3 prong version our “work hair” because Texas heat often makes my favorite “pony hair” so hot that it feels like a mop, keeping our bangs was decided years ago by me while Cindy “flip flops” from bangs to no bangs. 


I have chicken pox scars on my forehead that cover most of the right side which is why I always have my bangs on the right.  Recently, I’ve thrown caution to the winds due to the heat and my habit of wearing my glasses on top of my head and considered growing my bangs out. 


While I do on occasion wear my hair “down” it’s infrequent due to styling issues that I’ve yet to learn.  I have two cow licks that make styling my own hair nearly impossible on my own. 


We always look forward to your questions and insights and try to address them quickly.  Cindy and I are natural redhead twins with olive complexions and hazel eyes.  Recently, we’ve spotted a few grey hairs and started coloring our own hair using the cheapest at home hair color Ultress Medium Auburn that we mix Bright Auburn in with during the summer and medium auburn during the winter months. 


The cost of the hair color is $2.97 a box and sold at both Walgreens and Walmart.  On the few occasions we’ve attempted to have a “professional” color our hair- the results were disastrous and our hair was damaged which is why we do not visit a hair salon to have our hair colored. 


A lot of you are curious about our eyebrows- yes, they are permanently tattooed. I lost my eyebrows after my full thyroidectomy and had them tattooed by a young Hispanic artist in River Oaks named Maritza and am happy to provide you with her contact information. 


I have a “terrible habit” of trimming my own bangs and frequently “mess them up” as I stay very busy with both volunteer activities and, my businesses.  Today, I’m going to visit a friend named Melissa Harkey who is now working at Smart Styles in Weatherford after I not only trimmed my own bangs but also watched a video on how to cut your own hair into a V.  This is an incredibly simple and popular hair style that needs to be with a professional and most assuredly, not on your own!  I completely messed up my own hair- do NOT try this at home- the results will have you crying all the way to your nearest salon honey. 


Cindy and I have been trying to cut our own hair for 40 years and haven’t “got it “right” yet.  I think at 50, we are ready for a nip and tuck here and there and, to put away our cuticle scissors and stop trying to achieve something that we will never master.  I’ve talked to several other women and learned we are not alone in our attempts at a Hillbilly HowTo result, apparently, everyone has tried it.  


As I finish up a few chores at WorthamWorld to head to Weatherford, I’m hoping this blog addresses many of my dedicated followers questions and look forward to your feedback on simple hairstyles and experiences.  Both Cindy and I are open and “up front” on our thrifty hillbilly HowTo’s and consider hair an accessory that can quickly transform you from drab to fab! We love our weaves and wear them almost daily.  If you have never tried one- you should… 


We love new ideas and beauty secrets, at 50 we try something “new” all the time but our weaves are “tried and true” along with our iPhones which we love and Cindy Daniel (obviously) can’t seem to put down.  From our social media circles on FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and blogging- we are “on the dash” much of the time but will always try to answer your questions quickly.

Wendy M Wortham