I’m often amazed when visiting my hilarious sidekick, Cindy Daniel while she’s working her brand ambassador gig for Proctor & Gamble at Walmart. 

 From tattooed necks on women to pajama clad shoppers who either forgot to brush their hair or, simply didn’t care, the clientele is from another planet and, lack basic courtesies of being able to communicate please, thank you of excuse me. 

 Good manners or posture fly out the window with shoppers at Walmart.  Common courtesies such as please and thank you or excuse me are like a foreign language.

I often ask my cynical sidekick twin sister, Cindy Daniel, how she can tolerate the oversized shoppers shoving and pushing while she checks inventory or, builds a display. 

 Cindy Daniel has something to say about everything and her #Cindyisms usually adequately describe the daily “goings on” at the worlds worst example of American shoppers.

From butt cracks to boob spillage- the things I’ve seen at Walmart have this Texas Twin wondering why anyone weighing over 250 would choose hot pants and a tank top displaying tattoos on both legs, breasts and neck as “classy” or appropriate.

I regret that the days of long ago when appropriate attire for a shopping trip included not only fashionable but adequate coverage clothing options and, am slightly disappointed that society today thinks posting selfies of nearly nude people are either appropriate or even desired on social media. 

 The  twins have made a last minute run through area WalMarts en route to a wedding or event wearing rollers- however, it should be noted that plate night pajamas or, rollers for the flower girls are normally acceptable when you are ten years old but, wearing rollers and house shoes beyond childhood is and always will be, rather shocking for this Texas Twin!  

 This afternoon, I blocked a Twitter follower after seeing nude photos on my timeline.  Could it be that I am alone in my quest for inspirational quotes and/or updates that matter to me and have no desire to see either nude or tattoo covered females “displaying” their bodies on the Internet? Where are their parents? Who raises children to become adults that consider lewd photos of themselves to be either acceptable or even desireable for any public posting. 


While we strive to keep whatever childhood “innocence” that we can for our Little Pawners, it is somewhat disconcerting that their schoolmates are wearing very little and losing their innocence too quickly.  

Today’s trying times have people becoming famous for being promiscuous and for some unknown reason to me, the more narcissistic you are- the more exposure you seem to receive.

Frankly, I’m sick of seeing butt cracks and boob overflow at every public place I frequent and wish (silently) that these teenagers and twenty something’s would comprehend that “letting it all hang out” leaves nothing to the imagination.

As I leave the Azle Walmart wondering when anyone is going to bother looking in the mirror prior to loading up and heading to the Worlds Weirdest collection of shoppers,  I sigh reflectively and admit the photos of the people of Walmart do get a lot of attention.  Sadly for them, all of it is negative…. Teaching our Little Pawners the virtues of good manners AND appropriate attire is important to my twin and I.  First impressions are often last impressions and, while I often gasp at the revealing clothing options at area WalMart Stores, it should be noted that the consumers wearing these “outfits” have for some unknown reason- decided that their “anything goes” options are okay.

Wendy M Wortham