This morning I was contacted about planning a March 1 birthday party for a 52 year old in North Richland Hills.  After reviewing my site at Texas Twins Events-Wedding & Event Services, the caller was concerned that I wouldn’t take the job due to our usual events being larger scaled.  

I assured him that planning a surprise party at their home wouldn’t be a problem and began asking questions about his wife’s interests or hobbies in order to find a theme for the party.

Normally, party planning has a common theme of some sort and after considering this, the husband said that she loves their eight month old cat.  This will be the first “cat themed party” we’ve ever planned but should be fun and interesting.

Throwing a few ideas around, I decided to meet the client at their home and see if the birthday girl has any other interests that might be woven into the cat theme.

My initial thought was to use balloons and flowers with a cake as the center attraction.  The idea is to surprise the wife when she comes home since the husband works nights.

Party planning for a private event is really no different from a larger scale.  The idea is to start with a plan and build the theme around it.

I once coordinated a fifty and fantastic event that featured bling and boots for a cowgirl and it turned out beautifully. Since we are in Texas- I love to use a western theme whenever we can because there are so many unique options.

When I told the caller that we would love to help, he was immediately relieved since he had no idea where to start and had never thrown a party before.

The Pawning Planners are looking forward to our first cat theme and helping this husband surprise his wife while he is at work- this is going to be fun by sneaking in and getting everything set up for her.

Planning a surprise party often involves a lot of input from our clients and I will be working closely with the husband to expand this theme based on his wife’s likes and dislikes to ensure she’s thrilled with the outcome.

Wendy M Wortham