I answer a lot of questions regarding my unique and ever-evolving dive into the wedding and events industry.  What started out as a low cost and affordable option for families who couldn’t afford traditional pricing has come full circle over the past four years and includes my entire multigenerational family that accompany me to many of our events.  Today I’m going to introduce the team to you and give a brief synopsis of our compensating personalities and how we work together to achieve a Dream Event. 

Wendy Wortham- Owner, Event Coordinator, Minister & Floral Designer

I am occasionally called “bossy” by the team and I’m a perfectionist who has a strong desire for perfect execution that is almost never as easy as I would like for it to be but, I’m driven. 

Cindy Daniel My Saucy Sidekick & Twin Sister

Cindy is interested in having fun and can often be found visiting with the guests and entertaining everyone around her.  Cindy also created Cindyisms that are hilarious observations with a RedneckReality twist of our adventures.  My twin knows “going in” that perfection isn’t “easy.” 

Robert Hafele, My Son & Photographer

My son (like me) is OCD and (unlike me) often opinionated and cynical on location. Robert can often be found arguing with his wife, Stephanie regarding camera angles and lighting. 

Stephanie Hafele My Daughter In Law & Photographer

Stephanie takes ten times more photos than my son because she isn’t a perfectionist.  She also is willing to climb a tree on location and gets fairly unique photos with her unbridled zest.  Stephanie is a fun loving and “willing to do anything” personality type. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney

Known as the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna have compensating personalities.  Makenna is a perfectionist and Maryssa is a good time Charlie.  The twins have worked at numerous weddings and events as flower girls and ring bearers and are now studying photography. 

Steve Daniel My Brother In Law

Steve often helps out with construction issues on location and has never met a stranger.  A career truck driver, Steve has quite a few funny stories and observations that my sister doesn’t agree with that often involve spending any money. 

Matthew Wortham My Husband

Matthew is a real estate developer and enjoys NASCAR and the Golf Channel.  He is often quiet and reserved but comes to the rescue when I call about a forgotten item or other issue on location.  Matthew is the “fixer” when we need him and although he and Steve are complete opposites, they get along really well. 

Stephaney Mahaney Bilingual Translator

Stephaney often accompanies us when we need a translator and helps with set up and decorations.  Easy going and friendly, Stephaney gets along well with guests like her mother, Cindy. 

Leigh Ann Blais Navy Wife & Occasional Wedding Singer

My niece Leigh Ann is a germophobic and often disagrees with her sister Stephaney and my son Robert on location.  Leigh Ann will be moving to California to begin her new life as a Navy Wife and mother to Madyson Elizabeth.  Leigh Ann rarely attends functions with the team but Cindy and I will most likely be visiting California quite a bit in the future. 

Wendy Wortham With Stepdaughter Ann Rowe Alexander

Ann gets along with everyone and has accompanied us to many events these past four years as my assistant.  Ann enjoys road trips with the team and can often be found with Maryssa or Makenna on location as she helps organize the procession. 

Wendy Wortham, Tammy Leggett, Cindy Daniel, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney and Leigh Ann Blais

           Family friend, Tammy Leggett loves to help with photography and often accompanies us when we have a very large wedding.  My team of multigenerational family members is as diverse as my client base and when you work with your family, there are bound to be the minor arguments here or there but, overall we work well as a team.

When I began accepting trades and refurbishing them, this business evolved into evaluating trades as well as picking up the items.  Cindy and Robert enjoy accompanying me to appraise items and also help me load and transport them to my workroom for Texas Twins Treasures.

My goal for the future is to have a building that can double as a storefront for Texas Twins Treasures and use a portion for indoor events for Texas Twins Events Texas Twins Events- Low Cost Wedding & Event Services so as we roll into another wedding season here in Fort Worth, I look forward to another season of adventures and fun with my family while helping clients that had nowhere else to turn.

Sure, we have a few personality clashes here and there but, the results of our humorous redneck reality are that we’ve done something very special for the families who came to us with a story of what they wanted and why…Working with three generations of my family can often be pretty hectic all by itself since everyone has a pretty strong personality but, I’m the whip cracker, the task taker and the scheduler along with coordinating the events, designing the flowers and refurbishing the trades so when I am forced to put my foot down around here- everybody listens.

Wendy M Wortham