I’m surprised by the emails I’ve received relating to a wedding where the entrance music cd could not be found and I started to sing “Here Comes the Sun” with the wedding party and guests joining in.

Apparently, my “winging it” was a huge hit! Well ya all, getting the job done is part of the fun and adventures of the many events I’ve officiated. I’m open to doing whatever it takes to get the job done and often the unexpected elements no one expected are the ones treasured the most by my clients.

While assembled at the alter waiting for the Brides entrance, I knew something was off after waiting a few minutes and inquired what had happend. After being told the Bride was to enter to a particular song, I asked what the title was and started singing it! After all, she was waiting on a cue and after turning to see the DJ scrambling and the guest waiting, I made a snap decision to take matters into my own hands.

Am I committed up ensuring the desires of my clients are met fully? You bet I am. Forgive me if I sing off key, but rest assured, this Texas Twin will sing with passion if you need me to in order for your wishes to be met.

You see, I have not and will never consider myself above stapling the hem of a wedding gown that is too long, repairing the make up of the wedding party, assembling the flowers, assisting the caterers, or doing whatever it may take to overcome any obstacle to achieve a wonderful, emotional and important ceremony to my clients. In fact, you can find me nearly anywhere at an event from organizing the chairs to repairing a fallen updo to calming frazzled nerves. You see, a career of modeling and print ads have trained me that whatever mishap may come, I’m fully prepared to “carry on.”

At one wedding the Bride had been prescribed steroid medication that bloated her to such an extent that her dress wouldn’t zip. I quickly ran to walmart grabbed some duct tape and paper towels and returned to wrap her waist with paper towels and follow with duct tape fashioning a homemade corset that solved all of our problems and, created a perfect silhouette, you name it, I’ve probably figured out a solution to just about any issue that came my way!

I was at another wedding when the brides mother informed me that she wanted her own wedding in Desoto, TX. Confused, I asked what she meant and after realizing the parents were divorced, quickly asked the bride and guests if they would mind having two separate ceremonies to ensure everyone was happy and I would gift two separate wedding CDs to each parent. The blazing August heat had me dripping in sweat and nearly dizzy with fatigue at this outdoor venue but, the end result was everyone was thrilled and felt part of their daughters ceremony! Success- for me, the parents and, the bride.

Cindy Daniel carries our emergency “kit of tricks” to all events in the unlikely event that we incur an unforeseen incident.

I also carry a flask for last minute jitters or anxiety. Understand that I’m not promoting liquor, however a stiff drink sometimes can overcome stage fright for wedding couples and, it’s important that they be relaxed and at ease enough that they can enjoy their day with honored family and friends!
In fact , on a few occasions when dealing with over zealous in laws, I’ve been known to take a swig myself!

Do I know every song? No, but I know a lot of them. Music brightens my day and lifts my mood. Ironically, I have the uncanny ability to memorize the words without trying and, so does Cindy and the tiny Texas Twins. This is a skill I never expected to use and, after all these years- finally had the chance to use it.

At Texas Twins Events, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your wedding or event is beautiful, and memorable even if I’m not a professional singer, your guests are happy to hum a few bars and, I’m grateful for their input!