Willow Lake Event Center is located West of Weatherford, Texas on 17 acres. With two venues on lake fronts, large trees, rose beds, gazebos, cooking areas, band stands, and outdoor dance floors, they cater to all day events and are family owned and operated.

Customers like this venue because they offer a “do it yourself” hands on experience where folks decorate, equip and cater their event to their own liking and requirements. However, to customers who require assistance, there are one on one consultations available. Customers can use their own vendors and alcohol is permitted.

Both the barn and gardens main buildings are climate controlled and most of the outdoor seating is also under awnings and shade trees.

I met with Emalie several months ago to discuss her wishes after my friend, Jim Lane, told me his daughter was planning a May wedding and asked if I would be available to officiate this wedding on Mothers Day.

I always arrive with my Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team to ensure a smooth and stress free wedding day for Emalie and Justin with my Texas Twins Events Team handling the photography since photos documenting her special day are very important to Emalie, we are going to use two different photographers, Robert and Stephanie Hafele,  to capture all the action from different angles.

Over the past several months, I’ve met with Emalie several times and responded to emails, phone calls and ideas for this unique venue.  I’ve also purchased several large glass cylinders and burlap for the tables and after a recent visit to my home office, Emily asked if I would bring several of my own floral designs from my home.  While this has never been requested of me before, in an effort to accommodate the daughter of my friend, I’ve decided to make an exception and will therefore be using two SUVs to load all of my personal items prior to arriving at the venue early to set up.

Emalie told me she was interested in “flipping” an oriental table with a marble top belonging to her fiancée. Not knowing my love of all things oriental- I’m excited to visit their home with my hilarious one liner sidekick, Cindy Daniel who keeps me laughing most of the time.

Although Justin may be less than pleased about having to part with this treasured piece of furniture- apparently Emalie will be thrilled to see it go.

As the weather finally approaches Spring in Texas, I’m looking forward to my numerous scheduled events that range from a themed wedding in Lake Worth to a lgbt union that I will be traveling to Oklahoma to officiate to a stripper baby shower, to a dream birthday party in Garland to a House Blessing in Fort Worth to a wedding for a lovely couple at a venue I’ve yet to perform a ceremony at which is always exciting and exhilarating for me since I love exploring the various options for weddings in the DFW area.

Yesterday I booked another wedding at the botanic gardens in Fort Worth that I’ve yet to revisit after the infamous blog I wrote titled “Booted out of the Botanic Gardens.” For those of you who missed it, the Harvey Family contacted me on short notice with a shorter budget and asked me to meet them at the gardens and perform their ceremony. Of course, I was unaware that a “permit” was required for photos and embarrassed when a security guard advised of this exorbitant fee. Shocked, the Bride began crying and I took this family on a whirlwind tour of Fort Worth Parks for a free venue as they had only $75 and couldn’t afford the Botanic Garden fee. Normally to save the day, I would have covered the fee but, getting the call with thirty minutes notice, I simply grabbed my vestment and Bible and drove myself to the location within twenty minutes of getting the call. I’m one of the VERY FEW officiants in DFW that takes short notice calls and am also on call for funeral memorials when families cannot afford the fees charged by funeral homes too. I found a beautiful park near I-20 and gave $40 to their two children for being good sports on an unplanned adventure and gifted the Bride and Groom photos I took of this family to remember and unexpected and unique adventure with me last summer.

After all, they don’t call me the Wedding Warrior for nothing ya all! From officiating their wedding to driving this family around town and posing them for beautiful wedding photos- you can rest assured that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make dreams come true from Fort Worth and Justin and Emalies event is no exception!

Making dreams come true from Texas, whether it’s large or small- We do them all!

Reverend Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners

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