The Chateau at Forest Park is one of the very few venues in the DFW area that I’ve yet to officiate at.

Shelby contacted me regarding officiating a few months ago after her mother, a hairstylist for my husband, Matthew Wortham gave her my number.

A beautiful young woman, her stepfather Riley has played golf with my husband for some 20 odd years- the same amount of time that Vickie had been cutting his hair. 

 So you see, we live in a very small world my friends!

When Shelby initially contacted me, I was aware that my production company, Good Clean Fun might be in the DFW area filming and asked if the crew would be an issue at her wedding. Shelby said no ma’am that sounds really exciting and fun!

A few of our couples are NOT interested in being on the show and, I understand. Although, there is a screening process involved, it is the network who has the final say on who will be featured and who will not be- you see it is not my decision to make.

For families and couples contacting me with their unique stories and dream events through for “flipped services” they pay no fees for our services.  Instead we refurbish the trade and recover expenses by selling these trades through my other business, Texas Twins Treasures.

For families going through families pay a below standard structure for our fees and naturally, I planned to give this family of friends a discount on standard rates.

The Chateau at Forest Park is located at 1800 North Forest Park Blvd in Fort Worth Texas approximately ten minutes from my home.

Shelby’s stepfather, Riley, recently underwent a rather complicated surgery for cancer and is (thankfully) recovering at home now and very much looking forward along with his beautiful wife and stepdaughter to the union of Shelby and Donald.

As I carefully coordinate my May calendar to accommodate for rehearsal dinners and May weddings, it is important that I remind couples and families that Skype Interviews with all couples to be considered for the show are reviewed by the network and if you don’t have a Skype Account, you will need to set one up in order to be considered.

Praying for the return of good health for Riley and his lovely family to be blessed with this beautiful event, I’m excited to see this venue and meet this happy young couple very soon as we look forward to our busiest time of the wedding season, May.

Congratulations to Shelby and Donald along with Riley and Vickie! I’m not only honored you chose me to officiate your union but humbled as well my friends.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events