This afternoon I received a call from Jeff Mosier (covering Tarrant County) of how a possible ruling to allow same sex marriage would affect my business.  I inquired as to how he had found me and was told that I’m listed as a corporate sponsor of The Tarrant County Gay Pride Week Association on their website TCGPWA.  

 Jeff was unaware that I had started my business, Texas Twins Events to specifically address the low to middle class consumers who could not afford traditional price structures for a wedding officiant (250-600) in Texas. 

 I’m an advocate for the LBGT/Transgender Community not because I’m gay but, because I’m aware of the rights lost when a partner dies in Texas as well as probate hurdles that often face the survivor.

I published a blog Five Legal Documents Every LBGT Couple need after realizing that burial decisions along with property division often have the survivor struggling with any legal remedy. 

 I’m aware of the legal issues facing the LBGT Community because I’m on call with 17 area hospitals as a clergy and last rights minister. 

 Without a Body Disposition Authorization Affidavit, surviving partners have no legal standing to make burial decisions.  If this document is not properly filed, the surviving children, siblings and parents make the burial decisions- NOT the surviving partner.  Furthermore, The Appointment of Agent Form is vitally important along with the Body Disposition Affidavit in order for the deceased wishes to be honored.  Without knowledge of death and/or legal rights, many LBGT surviving partners lose assets, burial decisions and dignity following the death of their partner. 

 I know many things about the legal ramifications of failing to legalize same sex marriages that media doesn’t talk about.  I also know that Greg Abbott considers himself an authority on what a “real marriage” is or should be and, I also know what trials and tribulations befall the unknowing consumer who is in an alternative lifestyle arrangement and while grieving the loss of a partner is further insulted by the inability to honor the wishes of a deceased partner. 

 You see, Interacial Marriage was something that took years to be accepted within the United States.  Why? Because certain churches and politicians believed that they were God? Or, because a lifestyle or choice of living someone of a different color wasn’t “conservative” enough?  I don’t believe that the Bible references anywhere that couples should be the same color.  Furthermore, while everyone may have a view or opinion regarding alternative lifestyles, it should be noted that the Bible specifically addresses judging others. 

 As a Minister, I occasionally receive correspondence from Southern Baptist followers who either have nothing better to do than contact me or, feel their religious beliefs are more important than my own.  This is inaccurate, I’m well aware of the many religious affiliations and organizations who do not condone same sex unions.  I’m also aware that the foundation of Freedom in America is that everyone be treated equally regardless of race, color, religion or lifestyle.  I’ve studied religion for years and, take an avid interest in how and why opinions regarding the Bible are viewed.  The problem is- they are opinions and based on this or that persons upbringing.  Children aren’t born to discriminate, they are taught to discriminate. 


The issues facing same sex couples are remarkably similar to the challenges faced by Interacial Couples years ago- politics and religion.

I informed Jeff that should Texas recognize same sex unions and follow in the footsteps of Oklahoma, it’s about time!  I recently travelled to Oklahoma to officiate a same sex union and, I’m willing to travel to other states should the need arise if Texas fails (once again) to give the same basic privledges to its citizens as other states have. 

 “How will this affect your business in terms of clientele and will you be able to handle the business?”  Yes, I will make accommodations to honor and officiate weddings and, am even willing to do group weddings should the need arise.

The fact that this ongoing and uphill battle in Texas coincides with Bruce Jenner and his Journey do not escape me.  Just a few months ago, I took my entire Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners team to Oklahoma to officiate a legal LBGT Union as I’m licensed in numerous states. 

 I’ve said it before and I will say it again, whether or not you understand the gay or transgender community, they are entitled to the same basic principles and legal remedies of other couples. 

 Greg Abbott may think he knows what is best for Texans, but this Texas Twin has seen the affects of laws that don’t protect same sex couples and this Texas Twin realizes that families, communities and churches need to find a way to resolve their ignorance of alternative lifestyles and stop judging others simply because their life may not mirror your own. 

 Wendy M Wortham