From small intimate events to social celebrations on a grand scale, the Perot Museum provides awe inspiring surroundings to help create the perfect atmosphere:

Cocktail parties and social gatherings, corporate evening receptions, banquets and private dinners, weddings and receptions, private film screenings and lectures. 


Each area of the museum lends its unique flair to events and gives flexibility to reserve a single exhibit hall, multiple levels of something in between.  Progressive events utilizing all exhibit halls, floor plans to Accompdate various event layouts, options to Accompdate 25-1500 guests, indoor and outdoor event opportunities. 


Event space rental is available from 7PM to midnight.  The primary costs involved are security, parking and facility rental from $2,100.00 that include:

Complimentary use of Museum owned tables and chairs, personalized service from in house event staff, ample parking with valet areas available, sophisticated or casual settings to fit every need, customized catering for various budgets, food and beverage service available on all levels, options to view and interact with world class exhibits, customized digital signage options including a 7X28 LED Screen. 


To create a special event experience, the Perot Museum has approved catering options to meet diverse event needs and price points.  From full service personalized menu planning to more casual picnic styled fare, the options are sure to please even the most discerning event guest. The museum is committed to partnering with outside vendors. 


Located at 2201 N. Field Street Dallas, Texas 75201 I took out darling Little Pawners for an afternoon of adventure and fun.  It is widely known that I enjoy a trip to museums at all the cities I’ve travelled and, instill in all of our children the beauty of art and nature.  This museum has something for everyone and while I live in the museum district of Fort Worth, I chose to visit this museum in Dallas after receiving an invitation to view the facility. 


While struggling through a wedding season that has been one of the worst for rescheduled due to outdoor events that had been planned months in advance- I’ve found myself seeking affordable solutions for families that cannot find alternative venues on their own. 


This museum is a “world of wonder” passing the test with our darling tiny Texas Twins, inspiring curiosity in all ages and boasting a living science lesson, this new museum opened its doors to the public on December 1, 2012.

Many of my readers are always seeking unique volunteer ideas and, the Perot Museum has a variety of activities from behind the scenes to out on the front line- there is something for everyone! 

Teens 14 and older or adults of any age, small groups or corporate and civic volunteers who are willing to commit a minimum of 24 hours per quarter for a one year period must adhere to a dress code of black slacks, solid white shirt, closed toed shoes, and a museum apron.  To find out how you can volunteer at this museum, email 


The DIY maker space Build It Nature, opening to the public June 19, encourages families to tinker, create and uncover their inner engineer by exploring a series of engaging stations inspired by plants and animals around us.  The Amazing Animals: Built to Survive Traveling Exhibition (June 13-September 7, 2015) is a “must see!”  Imagine shrimp that can break through glass, spider webs that are stronger than steel and sharks that use their snouts to sense the electrical pulses of their prey. From the inside out, every living thing- including humans- is a machine built to survive, move and discover.  Explore how plants and animals stay on one piece despite the crushing forces of gravity, the pressure of water and wind, and the attacks of predators.  Using surprising tactics, creatures endure the planet’s extreme temperatures, find food against fierce competition, and without metal, motors or electricity, circulate their own life sustaining fluids.  Feel how a giraffe’s heart works to pump blood up to its head. Try to “fly” and study the many different ways creatures jump, gallop, slither and swim.  Technological breakthroughs like Velcro, wind turbines and chainsaws that were inspired by natures ingenuity.  This wildly exciting exhibition was developed by The Field Museum in partnership with The Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with generous support provided by The Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust and ITW.  Presented by Highland Capital Management and supported by Texas Instruments, Amazing Animals: Built to Survive requires a surcharge but, is worth every penny. 


The 180,000 square foot facility in Victory Park is now recognized as the symbolic gateway to the Dallas Arts District.  The museum features 11 permanent exhibit halls on five floors of public space, a children’s museum, a state of the art traveling exhibition hall, and The Hoglund Foundation Theater, a National Geographic Experience.  Future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers will find inspiration and enlightenment through breathtaking collections, interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and vivid contextual displays that expose visitors to a hands-on world of ideas and concepts. 

 Designed by 2005 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate Thom Mayne and his firm Morphosis Architects, the Victory Park museum has been lauded for its artistry and sustainability. 

 If you love art and science along with nature as much as I do, this sought after venue for your Wedding, LBGT Union, Renewal of Vows, Anniversary Celebration, Corporate Party, or Fundraiser- The Perot Museum will exceed your expectations while stimulating your senses with wonderment…

Wendy M Wortham