Welcome to the only Events Business that takes Trades for Services!

Friends, in today’s trying economy, what better way to have a beautiful event or ceremony than to trade?

The Pawning Planners, Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel will be taking you on a few crazy adventures to go find the most unique ” flip ” items you’ve ever heard of in exchange for Event Services, Weddings and other Religious or Non Denominational Services.

Sound crazy? It isn’t, with a background spanning over thirty years of selling everything from luxury cars to furs, Wendy Wortham is an experienced upscale salesperson who creates fabulous furniture from pieces you’d never know looked like a train wreck when I found them.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel, the photographer and jewelry specialist is also unique with her versatility for blinging up headbands and tutus for our tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney along with repairing broken jewelry pieces and seeing the beauty in something that I don’t!

Together, we find treasures out of other peoples “junk” and use these same items to flip through my other business, Texas Twins Treasures.

You see, I created Texas Twins Events to offer affordable ceremonies and events services during a weak economy and, we have a one stop shop.

From floral designs , photography, Wedding Officiant or Funeral Clergy, Texas Twins Events has a reputation of not only exceeding your expectations at a cost you can afford, but also, taking trades too.

I also offer year round discounts on any and all services for Police, Firefighters, Military either Active or Retired, Emergency Responders and Community Volunteers along with LBGT Groups, Wounded Warrior Projects, American Red Cross, Meals on Wheels and More! If you are involved with your community, my goal is to reward you for your contribution to society. Risking your life to protect our country and it’s citizens? You deserve anything I can do to repay your service and sacrifice.

Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners, a business partnership that can and does meet the ever changing needs of the American Consumer.

Together we can change the way traditional event services and weddings are accomplished and, you can see start to finish how one persons unwanted items become something that the vision of Wendy Wortham or Cindy Daniel saw the beauty or possibilities in.