10256386_807162875991618_2531716321182431338_nI LOVE a PARTY, this is far from a big secret.

When I blended Texas Twins Events with Texas Twins Treasures to create the Pawning Planners who knew the response would be incredible?

The first wedding and events business to take trades and barter for services was my next step in offering an affordable ceremony for everyone and what fun we’ve had traveling here and there to create fabulous memories with lifelong friends.

The Texas Twins Team got into the spirit quickly for Beauty and the Beast with me doing Beauty’s make up myself and helping her into the beautiful dress on loan from my good friend, Angela Rodden, who also did the makeup for The Beast.

I was told later my hat was being worn backwards but hey, festive pirates can’t always get their outfits perfect when the attention is on the wedding party! Right? Cindy and I struggled to keep our hats on with no idea there was a certain angle to wear them all night, good thing pirates were on ships because driving in my pirate gear proved difficult but have no fear- I was ready to get the party started. Argggg!

Dressed as a saucy pirate with my partner and twin sister, Cindy Daniel, the tiny Texas Twins aka The “Little Pawners” Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney were dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

10406587_807162532658319_1179600329266533356_n If you’re interested in a costume wedding or event, contact us today at www.texastwinsevents.com or, visit www.thepawningplanners.com to submit a trade.

Doing ’em all, big or small. Texas Twins and The Texas Twins Team are committed to exceeding your expectations no matter how unique and festive your dream event may be!

The crazier the idea, the more we love the planning and execution of your celebration with us.