For the past two weeks my family has been passing the flu back and forth.  Latest Little Pawner, Madyson Blais was the first flu victim at my sisters house.  It’s not unusual for Maddy to get sick and miss a few days of photos for her various brand shops.  

Young Maddy is an Instagram model and quite popular due to her red curly hair, blue eyes and sparky personality.  Cindy often uses photos of Maddy with her #Cindyism Quotes used on Pawning Planners Apparel.

A few weeks ago at the DanielDivaDiggs aka Cindy’s house, the entire family would become so ill over the next week that my brother in law, Steve Daniel told me that he felt weak as a kitten and barely had the strength to break an egg.  

Steve rarely gets sick and never goes to the doctor.  After losing his mother years ago, Steve decided that hospitals are another place he refuses to visit which is why he rarely if ever joins the rest of us to visit relatives.  

Similar to my husband waving goodbye to our caravan of suvs en route to an event, Steve prefers to stay home much of the time during our adventures.  Both Steve and Matthew are “homebodies” during their free time away from work.

Luckily, this latest bout of illness hasn’t landed me in the hospital.  I made 3 hospital visits for kidney stones in September and October and although my BCBS PPO Plan offers good coverage, would prefer no more hospital bills for a bit.  A few of our hospital visits can be funny and when you get my entire family together in a waiting room, far from boring.  

Cindy brings the fun to hospital waiting rooms and it’s not uncommon for me to write about our escapades on my blogs that feature not only client updates but family events too like this blog—Hospitals & Hilarity With My GingerTwin Cindy.  

My Aunt and my Dad also put their Family Feud to rest after my Aunt Shirley suffered a heart attack.  Hospitals can bring families together when a dire situation is at hand as my Aunt’s illness did– Hospitals, Family Arguments And Moving Forward.  

Many folks never make it out of the hospital which is very sad but this reminder of the fragility of life can also a good reason to put your emotions aside for a moment and focus on the relationship of your family instead.  Frankly, our entire family was relieved that my Aunt and my Dad finally moved on from whatever the argument might have been based on that separated them for some ten odd years.  

My sister and I might get mad now and again but there are no real deal breakers where my family is concerned.  Sure we can agree to disagree but cutting a family member out of your life is such a serious matter that I often suggest counseling to clients considering “never speaking to so and so again.”  Usually, the argument is based on behavior at an event where drinking was (obviously) a factor in the argument.  

My Dad and my Aunt’s “falling out” came at our grandmothers final hour in hospice.  The curtain of her life was drawing closed and her dying wish was that her son and daughter would find time to build their relationship back.  Every mothers wish on her deathbed is that her children will remain close and cherish one another but, it isn’t always something that siblings are capable of doing on their own which is why I suggest family counseling.

A few years ago, Cindy fell at a hotel while on location for an event and broke her tailbone.  My dad came to visit and somehow lost his balance which landed him in the ER next to Cindy which we all laugh about now but was horrifying at the time.  The nurses and doctors couldn’t believe it and neither could any of our friends.  Hospitals can be dangerous.

Getting through a day without group family conference calls is unusual for my sister and I because our older children call often and usually while we are talking to one of the other kids.  

All three of our adult children believe whatever they are calling us about us far more important than whatever so and so is calling about.  It’s not uncommon for my niece Leigh Ann to hang up if Cindy and I are talking to one of the other kids.  Leigh Ann lacks the patience for family conference calls.

These conferences calls are often “a mixed bag of nuts” regarding work, clients, or about school with the grandtwins.

Todays call was about my son and his wife finding squatters in one of the rent homes I had suggested they consider.  My daughter in law was horrified about finding a squatter and vandalism at the cute and cozy rental property based on the photos listed online but, my son took it in stride.  It’s hard to surprise Robert.

As usual, Cindy couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t either.  After all these “rental escapades” with my son and his wife describing differences from the internet to the actual property are pretty descriptive and completely different more often than not.  

Years ago, I rented a hotel based on the glossy photos for a wedding in Oklahoma.  The beautiful pools featured in the photos were full of dirt and the floor in my hotel room slanted at a four foot angle making it impossible to walk without holding a wall.  

Just walking into the kitchenette became a workout and trying get dressed an escapade in hilarity as Cindy and I leaned against the lowest wall for leverage.  The hotel room I had rented for my son and his wife had no problem with the floor but Cindy and I stuck it out for a weekend wobbling around the room.  It was one of those “hotel visits” you don’t forget.  

Similar to the beautiful boutique hotel in Beverly Hills that I rented on a trip to California where I accidentally broke my foot.  The problem? No elevators.  Cindy helped me navigate on one leg up four flights of stairs for the four days we booked at the hotel.  Coming and going from our hotel to meetings with our production company and network executives wasn’t easy but we managed and I never once let on that there was a problem with my mobility.  Cindy and I were too worried that everyone would be worrying about my foot as opposed to listening to our story.  As a TwinTeam, we decided that it was best not to tell anyone.

I’ve never called in sick in my life and didn’t want anyone including our production company to go to any great lengths by rescheduling meetings to accommodate me.  People count on us to be on time and ready to work because they can.  I’m weird about strong work ethics because any job is an opportunity to earn and learn.  

Tripping over a curb stop while talking to my son that morning in Santa Monica was a setback with two days of meetings Scheduled in California but, no one we had meetings with knew that I was in any pain as my foot began to swell.  I’m actually far more clumsy than anyone realizes. 

If you have a mobility issue, I’m strongly suggesting you check with your hotel prior to booking a room.  

By the time we checked out of our room and I limped down four flights of stairs in Beverly Hills, I learned that knowing the features of a hotel should include elevators.  Older hotels are hip but a few haven’t done major renovations.  Without Cindy helping me with my luggage, I have no idea how we would’ve gotten to the desk clerk.  On a side note though, the patio was beautiful and our fully stocked kitchen made preparing meals quick and easy.  There were far more pluses and minuses and I would’ve never found the stairs to be challenging if I hadn’t hurt my foot.

The internet and “glossy photos” can make a dump look like a mansion and often does.  We still laugh about the lopsided hotel but it was something we won’t forget and now put far more research into hotel rentals while also taking the time to read reviews.  Believe me, the information you can find regarding rentals is worth looking at and often include candid photos that aren’t on the internet or website.

Makenna started home school today while Maryssa went to school alone for the first time in her life without her twin.  I’m concerned about the separation but praying that the absence will reinforce the gift of having a twin for Maryssa who puts being social far above learning at school.  

Makenna is a straight A student who could care less about “friends.”  I will update everyone on how this transition is working out for Makenna as I know several readers are interested in home schooling along with the benefits and/or drawbacks involved.  

Makenna transitioned well today as I forwarded her emails from K12 Administrators.  Cindy is acting as her learning coach which requires a bit of getting used to as she drops off Maryssa to return home and study with Makenna.  

7th grade is a difficult transition for many children and both Cindy and I remember all too well how much Makenna loved elementary school.  If she missed a day back then, she was upset because she used to love school so much.  

Sadly, middle school can be harder on some than others.  I remember my dad moving us from Lompoc to Oklahoma City and starting 7th grade in a new town with new people and how horrified Cindy and I were to find ourselves living in a trailer park and riding the bus with two bully brothers who harassed us on a daily basis.  

We hated 7th grade.  We hated leaving everything we knew and we hated the transition.  Back then there was no way my dad would’ve been in a position to home school us because he had to go to work everyday and luckily, times have changed for our grandchildren.

Cindy and I spent years fighting for Twin Laws in Texas that gave us the right to keep the twins together in class.  Our reasons for challenging the separation of twins in public schools was based entirely on our own separation years ago.  When you’ve spent your entire life with a twin and are suddenly separated in kindergarten, it’s traumatic.  

Cindy and I were both surprised when the twins told us that they had chosen different classes this year.

My sister and I worried endlessly about the “sudden separation.”  In fact, I put Makenna in Counseling due to her anxiety and depression regarding middle school so homeschooling wasn’t a quick decision for my family.  Home schooling isn’t an easy decision for any family.  Home schooling requires a learning coach on site and available too- the parent (or grandparent) becomes the coach.

Hopefully, Maryssa will use her time at school to focus on her studies but only time will tell.  Makenna had a great first day on her computer with Texas Virtual Academy and Maryssa told us all of their teachers were asking about Makenna. 

Maryssa had lost weight during the summer break and suddenly found the confidence she had never had which made moving to a new school an opportunity to begin a new identity.  These “new friends” didn’t celebrate the bonus of Maryssa having a twin.  

In fact, many of these new friends worked to create a separation between the twins.  Makenna felt alone and lost and fixing the problem wasn’t as easy as you might assume.  Sudden popularity changed Maryssa at school while making Makenna more and more isolated.  

My sister and I wondered if Makenna having braces or wearing glasses all day or making her studies a priority “singled her out” from the “cool kids” who cared so little about their grades but we will never know the truth.

Many of our Twin Friends think this separation is a bad idea but every multiple family has to make decisions in the best interest of twins and multiples that apply to their family.

Maryssa isn’t happy about this new development but Makenna was miserable and begged us to try home schooling.  It’s an adjustment for all of us but putting Makenna’s needs before our own is important to Cindy and I because we want our grandtwins to have all of the benefits that we didn’t.

When the twins started elementary school, the flu, colds and viruses and every other childhood disease came home with them.

My sister and I run to the doctor on a regular basis if we think we are getting sick or the kids are sick.  Cindy’s three grandchildren live with her so when they are sick she often is too.

We don’t have time to be sick and want to nip anything that might slow us down in the bud.  Cindy hasn’t seen me in over a week because she can hear in my voice that I’m miserable, congested and most likely, contagious.  

We are a TwinTeam and do everything together so this getting sick stuff was not only unexpected but more importantly, inconvenient for me.  She calls me everyday to check on me but can’t afford to get sick herself because Makenna needs Cindy to help with her homeschooling.  

Luckily, Cindy’s daughter Leigh Ann is a backup coach so Cindy can run to Appraisal Appointments and Client meetings with me when needed along with the gym of course.  They say it takes a village and my family is the village.

My sisters husband and my husband both think we run the kids and grandkids to the doctor or hospital far too much but Cindy and I don’t take chances due to our grandtwins asthma and little Maddy’s RSV.  All three children get sick quickly and easily.

My niece Leigh Ann often accompanies me as my go-to photographer the past year or so since Robert and Stephanie started their own photography business.  Often their clients booked through Texas Twins Events.  Robert and Stephanie don’t have any children because their four dogs complete their family and they work together as a team on location.

Since Leigh Ann won’t go anywhere without Maddy, many of my clients know or have met my entire family.  When Cindy and I show up without the grandtwins or little Maddy, everyone asks where they are.

Since a few of my readers have followed our weight loss journey, many are also following Leigh Ann’s weight loss surgery updates on Instagram as well.  I was worried about this Life Change for Leigh Ann after reading the possible complications but, she’s transitioned well and is adapting to her new lifestyle.

My niece has lost over 50 lbs and is very excited to see what the next year will bring for her.  She’s battled her weight for as long as I can remember and finally losing this weight has helped her self esteem immensely!  Soon Leigh Ann won’t hide behind others in photos and is thrilled with her weight loss the past few months.

Both of my nieces have joined the weight loss bandwagon after our grandtwins got fit with Cindy and I last year.  Weight loss literally became a “family affair” as my twin sister and I cut carbs and hit the gym to go from Fat To Fit In Our Fifties.

Being sick is a setback after a year of spending at least 3 days a week hitting the gym for me but I’ve actually lost weight because I have no appetite.  At least once a year I find myself battling sinus/ear infections and always run to the doctor before an infection moves to my chest.  Allergies are most likely the start of my downward spiral but changes in the weather or mountain cedar also play a part.

Trying to limit my interaction with everyone in my family being sick, my dad skipped his usual birthday lunch with Cindy and I opting to stay home and “away from anyone sick.”

My husband had been coughing and feeling under the weather so (as usual) Lysol and hand sanitizer became countertop decorations here at WorthamWorld.  

By last weekend, my dad, my dog and I were the only people in my family who weren’t sick but that all changed last Friday when I had to reschedule an Appraisal Appointment due to an ear infection.  Three doctor visits later, a cold that turned into a sinus infection ruined my schedule this week.

I’ve been trying to get to Round Rock, Texas for the past two weeks to view a wooden cigar Indian.  It’s a rare flip that I haven’t come across yet and it will now be next week before I have the opportunity to “walk the trade.”  

Although my entire family work with me at Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners, it is I alone who decide whether a trade will work and the only one on my team who can “pull the trigger” on whether a trade will be equal to the value of services involved in the flip.  Getting sick is a real setback for me because when I’m sick—time stands still.  Our adult children have never been to an Appraisal Appointment so I can’t send someone else in my place.  Cindy’s specialty is jewelry.  She looks for items that I don’t because I’m far more focused on antiques and collectibles which sell well at Texas Twins Treasures.

I’m now three Appraisal Appointments deep and trying to get well enough to travel and view the trades in person.  The wooden Indian barter is for a Prison Wedding at the TDCJ Telford Unit in New Boston.  

I spend a lot of time driving from Point A to Point B when I’m not sick and my fees are based on distance when it comes to Prison Weddings.  Driving to TDCJ Telford Unit would be a full day for me due to the distance to and from the Prison and I’m uncertain of the market for the wooden Indian.  After all, I’ve yet to flip an Indian and don’t have enough information yet.  It’s something that I will need to do more research on.

Occasionally, my Flips become fixtures at my home aka WorthamWorld because the flip was a flop.  I’m honest about finding myself upside down on a trade because it happens and may happen again.  

Truthfully, a wooden Indian wouldn’t exactly fit well in my eclectic home and the one I’m really looking for is 6ft tall verses the 4ft tall version that Taylor is wanting to trade.  The main reason this barter piqued my interest is my Indian heritage.  

It’s not well known that Cindy and I are of half Indian, Scottish and Swedish heritage.  A few people notice the differences in our noses VS our brother and other members of our family but mainly our red hair and green eyes with golden skin are so different that it’s often assumed we are either Spanish or Italian.

Due to the condition of the Indian, the value that Taylor has put on it may be inflated at $1200. When you barter event services, the value is always an issue.  The client puts a far higher value on the item which unless I can find a buyer, won’t work.  

I can’t pull numbers out of the air but, it’s not unusual for clients to try.  Appraising any item requires basic product knowledge and the market.  Flips must be marketed properly in order to find a buyer which is why I’m so careful regarding just going with whatever a barterer claims the value to be.  Let’s say you’re selling a house and you think it’s worth $250k but your Appraisal is far less.  You can’t sell it for what you want to sell it for based on the market.  I can’t sell items for what clients believe they are valued at either.  No one can.  While as a seller I would love to, it’s impossible to sell anything for what you would like to get unless the market exists.

Part of the “negotiation process” of bartering in exchange for event services is finding the actual value of an item.  A few years ago, I had one client offering a case of moonshine in exchange for his daughters wedding.  They needed Event Coordination, Floral Designs and Photography Services.  

I’m sure moonshine has value but it’s not something that I can effectively flip.  I also can’t take livestock or guns as barters because I don’t own a farm and have nowhere to store cattle or horses and firearms aren’t something that I can list on eBay.  

The “Moonshine Incident” was a bit of a surprise because the client didn’t upload an image of his trade on this site and instead decided to schedule an Appraisal Appointment.  

It’s not unusual for prospects to list what services they want and invite us into their homes to find something of value as oppposed to uploading an image or description of their item or items offered as a barter.  Readers have asked if a Cindy and I are ever scared walking into a strangers home so I will address the concern.  People contacting us need our help.  Often, these families have nowhere to turn especially when they are bartering event services!  No one else offers this except us in the events industry so, although a few of our adventures have been in less than beautiful and well organized homes, you have dig through trash to find a treasure and even in a hoarder home with a dead squirrel in the fireplace, my twin sister and I never act shocked or surprised in front of a client regarding their home life.  Every client is different and every Appraisal Appointment is too.  I never walk alone into a strangers house because I bring Cindy with me.  It could and probably would be dangerous if I was walking into a strangers house alone but, we have their name and address long before scheduling an appointment to view a trade so these clients aren’t really strangers.

It’s well known that I list several antique pieces of furniture at Texas Twins Treasures but, the investment of flipping furniture isn’t for the faint hearted as furniture involves a hefty expense that “quick Flips” don’t.  I use exclusive silk loomed tapestry upholstery fabric which makes the investment of “furniture Flips”  fairly expensive when you add the cost of labor AND fabric to upholster an item.  

It’s not unusual for a chair to cost $300-475 to refurbish when the fabric and labor are combined.  A sofa can easily run $900-1275 which is why I’m so picky about furniture trades.  I.E. Furniture Flips are an investment.  It takes far longer to successfully flip furniture items and, it takes money.  It’s so rare to find a furniture flip that doesn’t require refurbishing that I’m always shocked when it happens.

Last month I had to turn down a trade involving an antique chair.  The reason was the value the client placed on the item.  When this happens, the negotiation begins. If we can’t come to a workable solution on a bartered item, clients have the option of paying cash through Texas Twins Events.  

The upholstery on the chair would’ve needed to be replaced and the client put the value of the chair at $600.  The actual value of the chair in its current state would be closer to $275-300.  The fill and foam in the seat cushion also needed to be replaced because the fill had “bottomed out.”  

The Client and I finally decided to settle on a pair of lamps after I pointed out the problems with the value and actual condition of the chair.  These aren’t easy conversations when the client believes the value of their item is far more than it actually is.  Finding a balance and workable solution to the problem requires conflict resolution tactics.  After all, I’m trying to help them but can’t go in a hole while doing it.  To make all three of my businesses work effectively, it’s essential for me to be a realist.

Furniture fill is expensive which is why I always sit in chairs or sofas to get a better idea of what will be needed on an item.  From foam or fill to upholstery and labor, Furniture Flips either make a profit or they don’t.

Items that don’t require refurbishing or reupholstery are considered, Quick Flips. These items are either solid wood or a combination of materials that don’t have fabric or fill.  

Since I’m always asked how I make barters work, it should be noted that bartering is not without risk.  You may find yourself unable to flip an item at the value you placed on it.  

Markdowns are essential to flipping trades.  You may not like being forced to markdown a flip but finding a buyer requires flexibility.

Normally, items compromised of wood will have a few nicks or scratches.  You may be able to repair items yourself but it’s important to “go over” the structure of items.  Taking time to check for this is important because if an item is unstable there’s a reason that can include a break in the leg or the piece has been repaired or glued in a manner that can’t be seen.  I flip nearly everything over to check for a repair.

Initially, I never planned on bartering Texas Prison Weddings.  Continued requests had me reevaluating whether bartering would successfully blend with my latest expansion at Texas Twins Events.  Brides or Grooms googling “TDCJ Officiant” often went to my site and by scrolling around, saw the barter option offered at The Pawning Planners.

Due to the distance of many prospects, walking a trade wasn’t feasible.  I had to rely solely on photos and pick up a trade on the day of the wedding by driving to a Clients home before meeting them at the Prison.  Often, I arrive at a Prison with the client when it’s a bartered deal and leave my SUV at their home if it’s close enough to the Unit.  My reasons for this are that the client is often more familiar with the location of the Prison than I am if it’s a Unit I haven’t been to before.  Texas Prisons are often located in remote areas that my navigation has difficulty locating.

Walking a trade gives me far more information of the value on an item than photos ever will.  Many Flips became flops because my Appraisal Amount was based solely on a photo.  I prefer to walk trades in order to have an accurate idea of the condition.

Similar to the contract for Texas Twins Events Clients, the contract for Pawning Planners Clients is different because the item or items being traded are the consideration offered VS payment.  I’m adding the link to upload an item to give you a better idea– Barter Your Event Needs With The Pawning Planners.  You are asked what you need or want along with what you would like to offer in trade.

To effectively “market” Flips, you need a strong social media.  Creating an interactive social media campaign requires both time and dedication if you plan to do it yourself. Of course, you can hire someone to handle your social media for you but it’s far more cost effective to do it yourself.  

Twitter is a sellers paradise but remember that your connections expect you to promote them too.  I have no idea why this confuses people but, social media is tit for tat.  I’ve been on Twitter for years and for years I’ve promoted my connections by retweeting and sharing their tweets.  You don’t get to 30k followers by not promoting others.  

I earned my Twitter following the hard way by spending hours promoting others.  My twin sister and I often spend up to 2 hours a day everyday (for years) promoting our connections.

Many think selling on FB is easy.  It isn’t.  Selling on FB is similar to having a yard sale.  Everyone is looking for a bargain.  I don’t give anything away because I can’t afford to.  Bartered items are how we recover our event expenses and get paid.  

From film development to gasoline, car expenses and team compensation, selling items I’ve taken in trade and/or reupholstered and refurbished are how the “Pawning Process” work.

eBay has expenses involved but since 2009 has been my go-to selling outlet.  The reason for this is that eBay has worldwide exposure and has always worked best for me regardless of their fee structure.  Furniture buyers pay for freight and packaging and my designs have sold from New York to Los Angeles.  

Many buyers are repeat customers who know the quality and construction of a Texas Twins Treasures item will last for years.  High quality fabric and upholstery foam are an investment but the durability of my designs is what bring buyers back.  It’s not unusual for hand loomed silk tapestry fabrics to last far beyond 10 years with normal wear.  

Today’s mass market upholstery rarely lasts a few years because big box furniture is compromised of cheap foam or fill and upholstery.  When I refurbish an item, I take the time and the expense to do it right.  

Currently, my warehouse has several items waiting on the refurbishing process and the time it will take to update or repair newly barters items isn’t something that I’m actually looking forward to.  My go to upholsterer for the past 15 years is Terry Gilbert but he isn’t cheap.  

I’ve considered reupholstering a cuddle chair I took in trade last summer in a celery velvet with a few mixed paisley fabrics to bring character to it but haven’t pulled the trigger because I thought perhaps someone would buy it “as is” in a cream velour fabric.  

My designs sell because they are unique and my client base of buyers “want something different.”  I was excited about the cuddle chair flip because the fabric and foam were in good shape but, even after discounting the price, have yet to sell the item in its current state.  

Reupholstering the cuddle chair will set me back another $375-450 but, like I said, investing in a Furniture Flip is risky.  Before I became sick last weekend, I called Terry to pick up the cuddle chair and gave him the celery velour upholstery with three yards of a contrast Coordinate for the back and piping used to bring some character to the piece.

On its own, this piece lacks the personality of another cuddle chair that sold a few years ago.  I had actually found the other cuddle chair while driving to the dentist and loaded it haphazardly into my SUV.  It had the winged arms and higher back but no seat pad.  Before pulling over and loading it from the curb, I shot a photo to Terry to get a better idea of where I would be financially by refurbishing it.  

The legs and construction were in good shape and although the missing seat pad was a setback, I knew I probably had enough dry foam hollow fill in my workroom to produce a new cushion and took a risk.  It’s rare to find a unique piece on the curb but I live in an upscale neighborhood and come across odd discarded items more often than not.  

To give you a better idea of the differences between both cuddle chairs, I’m adding photos of my Trash To Treasure cuddle chair that sold at the price I asked and to the right buyer.  When I buy imported upholstery fabric, there’s a minimum order involved so I often buy far more than I need and use the fabric over and over on other pieces.  

I used a contrast welt and four fabric coordinates on the cuddle chair and decided not to stain the legs and leave them in the natural tone that I had found them in.  Replacing legs or feet can be a setback but it’s possible to do and since the piece had all four legs, saved me $80-100 in what it would’ve cost me to replace the feet and/or legs.

I use a lot of animal print tapestry upholstery because it sells.  Incorporating coordinates with zebra or leopard is pretty easy from turquoise to even red, the options are limitless.

By using a contrast band and welt, furniture comes alive with eclectic flair.  I don’t sell fabric because it’s not unusual for many of my fabrics to cost well over $100 a yard.  Cheap fabrics are a bad investment.

Back in March my family had another setback of sickness with the flu– Sickness and Setbacks For The Texas Twins Events Team.  Getting sick is a real setback for me because while I can reschedule an Appraisal Appointment, I can’t reschedule a scheduled Event.

Next year I’m going to go ahead and get the flu shot although I’ve always skipped it.  I’m even considering the phnuemonia shot due to the fear of getting sick.  Phnuemonia kills people every year and nearly killed my father a few years ago during a visit to my brother Jerry Lee in North Carolina.  

My father loves going to visit my brother and his family but can’t handle another bout of upper respiratory illness or phnuemonia.  He did get the phnuemonia shot this year but fears the flu shot will make him sick although I’ve assured him that it no longer has a live virus.  

Last night he called to inform me that the flu shot in Texas this year was “only 10% effective.”  My dads opinion is that the risk isn’t worth the reward when it comes to the flu shot.

I’m ready to get back to work with my saucy sidekick and hopeful that my latest round of steroid shots and antibiotics kick this bug.  It’s rare for my sister and I to go for a week without seeing each other and Thursday, we have our very first radio interview in Dallas on IHeart regarding entrepreneurship and my reasons for starting Texas Twins Events and later merging Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners.  

It’s an interesting story that I’m documenting in our book “Paying It Forward-The Pawning Planners Story.”

When I was interviewed by CEO Money regarding the radio interview, my unique client base and Prison Weddings became a focal point in the discussion.  Living in Texas, it should be noted that I have had a few haters. I don’t shy from the conflict and am fairly honest regarding my journey in the wedding and events industry.  The truth is that many of the clients who hired us weee turned away by other vendors.  I have never turned anyone away because they were “different.”  Maybe that makes me different but, I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated myself.

Hopefully, I have my voice back by Thursday in order to do the interview with my combination of antibiotics.  CEO Money actually found me because my venture was different being a people over profit endeavor.  

It took passion to get Texas Twins Events up and running and, it took money.  To give you a better idea of how driven I was about creating an affordable alternative for event services, the money used to start this business cake from the sale of my dream home.  Yes, without sacrifice there are no rewards.  Risk and Reality are what made my endeavor different but also what made the venture work.  I knew there were people out there who didn’t have thousands of dollars and I set out to find them.


My clients are an actual melting pot of backgrounds and I don’t hide that fact from anyone.  Speaking about the successes and setbacks on the radio will be new for me and my sister.  Although we are unsure of what to expect, we are looking forward to the opportunity to share our story.

Hopefully, by Thursday we are back to business and back on track after this latest bout of illness…