Every year my PCP encourages my entire family to get a flu shot. My father believes these vaccinations cause him to get the flu and although I’ve told him this isn’t accurate, the controversy over the flu shot continues to “roll on.”  My twin sister and I have went back and forth year after year by getting the shot one year and skipping it the next.  

Our grandtwins don’t have a choice because public schools require vaccinations that include the flu shot.  Many healthcare workers are also required to get this vaccination whether they like it or not.  

A few weeks ago, my youngest grandniece, Madyson came down with the flu that made two rounds through my sisters house.  Everyone loves to hold and kiss little Maddy.  She is a ball of fire at 2 years old and always into something around here.


It’s flu season in Texas and my father who was supposed to go to lunch with me for his birthday is terrified of leaving his house due to the “possibility of getting sick.”  A few years ago while visiting my brother in North Carolina, my father nearly died after getting the flu.  The complication was phnuemonia.  It took two years for my father to recover from several trips to the hospital due to respiratory related illness.  My brother would love for my father to return for another visit but it won’t be in the winter or during flu season.

As a family, we are divided on whether or not this vaccination is effective but not only work in the public but also Officiate weddings in Texas Prisons so I decided that it’s “better to be safe than sorry” although many of my family members disagree with my decision.  I shake hands with people daily and although I carry hand sanitizer, am unsure of whether it’s actually effective or not.

My sister and I go to the gym together 3-4 times a week and if there is one place where germs run crazy, it’s the gym.  Someone is always coughing and I’ve noticed, it’s rare members to wipe down (much less sanitize) equipment after use.  I’m a bit of a germ fanatic and carry my own sanitizer with me.  Cindy won’t drink after anyone in our family including Maddy for fear of getting sick and I don’t blame her. 

Years ago, I was hospitalized as a teen due to mononucleosis.  It wasn’t from kissing anyone either.  Debbie Davis had asked for a drink of my diet cola and while she didn’t appear to be sick, she was a carrier.  I spent three months in and out of the hospital over the shared cola and have been cautious of sharing drinks or food since then.

Over the past year on our weight loss journey as a TwinTeam, my sister and I have laid on sweaty mats at gyms and Pilates studios and at Bootcamp, on sweaty floors.  We didn’t really have “workout outfits” for our fitness journey so we threw together whatever we had and wore some pretty wild outfits to the gym.  

Cindy’s favorite?  Her “I Hate Running” tank top!  She bought 4 in different colors from Walmart on sale and I’ve got to admit they were pretty hilarious additions to our “workout wardrobe.”

We have never been afraid to get our hands dirty but our fitness journey took a new twist when a client contacted us to help her fix her fence.  After losing so much weight between us, my sister and I were more than able to move fence panels and posts on our own.  

The strength we acquired from a year at gyms surprised us both.  Not only could we flip truck tires and climb ropes pulling our own weight under them but we were far more capable of doing just about anything we believed that we had become too old to do.  We have come a long way after losing weight and continue to stay on track as a TwinTeam.

Cindy was horrified about laying in someone else’s sweat but physical fitness in public places often puts you in contact with sweat, coughing and other infectious viruses.  When the weather permits, I now ride my bike for at home excercise to add to my weekly fitness regimen.

Several of our FB Friends have asked God my sister and I managed to finally lose weight in our Fifties we had carried from our late 40’s and for women in this age range, their questions have merit because like us they face challenges that younger women don’t.  Menopause and Thyroid issues with a slowing metabolism have many women wondering what’s wrong with them.  They aren’t alone.  

The diet industry is a $2 billion dollar “money making machine.”  Women 35-55 aren’t really directly targeted in the weight loss industry and they certainly should be.  For this group of people losing weight is far more challenging as they will literally need to change their lifestyle to see lasting results.

At my heaviest, I was 51 years old and 200 lbs.  it was depressing for me to find anything to wear to events for my businesses.  I eventually chose large blazers that I thought “hid” my fat parts.  These outfits actually made me look bigger as I look back on my 8 year midlife fat moments.  

My daughter in law standing next to me outside a wedding at the Dallas Aquarium looks tiny and although I hate my fat photos, I’m including the photo to prove it.  Being fat isn’t funny but I felt helpless to change it and a little over a year ago, committed to doing whatever was necessary with my sister as a TwinTeam.

Getting the flu is a sure fire way to lose weight but, the results aren’t permanent.  After you get better you will gain the weight back.  From 49 years old to 52 years old, I successfully lost 20-30 lbs only to gain it back over and over.  I’d starve myself for a few months and then resume my usual skipping breakfast and eating lunch regimens with my family and clients.  

The most important thing I learned during our weight loss journey was to eat protein within two hours of waking to “rev your metabolism.” Not being a breakfast person, I would grab a piece of cheese or hard boil an egg.  Believe it or not, this helped my weight loss far more than anything else my sister and I had tried.  We both added steel cut oatmeal and although we didn’t love it, used it as a side dish with chicken or fish and added cheese or chia seeds and even slivers of almonds to it.  Steel cut oatmeal has a very different texture and takes a bit of getting used to but, you will need carbs and healthy carbs aren’t easy to find.

I spend a lot of time in my SUV traveling to events and yes, Texas Prisons.  Scouting locations near Prisons for Bridal Photo Shoots often finds me on the side of the road, railroad tracks and standing in weeds but photos are often the most fun for TDCJ Brides and Grooms.  

In a double wedding at TDCJ Estes Unit a few months ago, I was struggling with abdominal pain but assumed that I was coming down with something and “carried on.”  I can’t call in sick or miss a TDCJ Wedding because I’m the only TDCJ Approved Officiant on my team.  

Drastic weight loss causes kidney stones and gallbladder issues and, hours after the Bridal Photo Shoot, I found myself in the hospital which shocked both brides but, I’m a warrior and pain won’t prevent me from doing my job.

Clients depend on me to get the job done and when you work as an event coordinator, floral designer and Officiant, you don’t have time for sick days.

Perhaps my sister and I have never called in sick because we were raised with a strong work ethic but missing a scheduled event is completely out of the question for both of us.  We are committed to exceeding client expectations and have never let anyone down.

I added my daughter in law, son, nieces and twin sister as Officiants to address the growing needs of our client bases at Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners because I can’t be everywhere all of the time.  

Nearly all clients request me but when I’m not available, I “bump” clients to other Officiants on our staff.  Anne loved officiating her first wedding and everyone in my family enjoys working with clients to create a customized ceremony.

Winter Weddings and Flu Season have brought about the new fashion statement at public events, the flu mask.  If you are sick and invited to a wedding or other celebration, I’m going to suggest staying home.

Flu masks are available in a wide variety of colors these days and are becoming more and more popular.  I often wonder if the wearer is sick or trying to prevent becoming sick but haven’t asked anyone wearing a mask about their reasons.

Every year the flu kills the young and old.  If you haven’t opted for the flu shot, wearing a mask throughout flu season might seem a little “over the top.”

My niece, Leigh Ann was so worried about getting sick two weeks before her gastric bypass that she not only stopped going to the mall or other public places but also bought a flu mask in order to keep from getting sick.

Years ago, it was pretty uncommon to see anyone in public or at an airport wearing a flu mask but today, times have changed.

The Texas Flu Vaccine has been shown to be 10% effective which don’t seem to be good odds but if you’re older and skipping the flu vaccine, you may want to opt for the phnuemonia vaccine instead.

People and Places expose my family and I to colds, sinus infections and even the flu but I can’t force everyone to get a vaccination- no one can.

As I head off to meet a client regarding a Huntsville Prison Wedding, I’m spraying my face with colloidal silver as an added deterrent.  Colloidal Silver is also controversial but I believe it helps keep me from getting sick.  Case in point, my sister and I often fly back and forth to California.  On every trip, we both became sick.  

I decided to spray our faces with colloidal silver on the last two trips and guess what? Neither of us got sick.  My sister and I were finally able to enjoy our trip to our favorite state and Coordinate a destination wedding without being sick.When my dog is feeling down, I add a few drops to his water bowl and within a few days, Foxy Wortham is back on track again.

From Listerine Spray in my purse to Colloidal Silver, the Flu Shot and Hand Sanitizer, I can’t afford to take a chance on getting sick because my business relies on my being healthy.

I’m pretty excited about my latest barter and can’t wait to get with my tried and true upholstery, Terry Gilbert to figure out which funky fabrics I will use to refurbish it and list on Texas Twins Treasures.

Normally, my winter months are spent flipping trades from Pawning Planners Clients but thanks to TDCJ Prison Weddings, our workroom is pretty stuffed with items waiting to be listed at Texas Twins Treasures.

Time is something my family and I have very little of these days and since we’ve survived the latest flu outbreak at Cindy’s house, I’m hoping we don’t have another round…