If you ask my twin sister about her kids moving away from home, she will laugh.  My saucy sidekick has a pretty good sense of humor and when it comes to get adult children, patience.

Her oldest daughter, Leigh Ann Blais, didn’t move away from home until she was thirty years old.  Why? Because living at home is easy, convenient and inexpensive. 

 My twin doesn’t run a “tight ship” over at the DanielDivaDiggs like I do here at WorthamWorld.  Keeping an immaculate home would be impossible for her anyway since no one picks up after themselves at her home.

Cindy has been raising her twin grand daughters, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney aka The Little Pawners since their birth 11 years ago. 

 Leigh Ann “moved back home” last year when she arrived at DFW with a one way ticket and, pregnant.  The “Navy Life” she spent with her husband, Alex didn’t agree with her in Seattle.  She also wanted to use the same OB/GYN that delivered Maryssa and Makenna 11 years ago.

She was planning to leave on a road trip this Friday with her new baby and sister heading to California but, now those plans appear to be on hold too. 

Cindy Daniel With Her Third Grandchild “Maddy” Blais

My sister keeps a diary of sorts and writes her own blogs and often throws in a #Cindyism or two about her home life Cindy Daniels Blog Texastwins 2004 since our children don’t read them-Cindy is free to “tell it like it is!” 

Five Females Fighting was perhaps one of her funniest blogs about her home life at the DanielDivaDiggs.  To find the blog describing her home life, visit this link Five Females Fighting At The DanielDivaDiggs for just a few of the problems my sister faces.

When my son moved away, I was sad and somewhat depressed at the loss of having him home.  However, five years later, his house burned down and his wife moved with him into our home for 6 weeks.  Having your adult “kids” move home with their spouse isn’t like having kids at home ya all!  My duties of cooking and cleaning doubled and my stress level went out the fireplace.

As we wait to see when Leigh Ann will join Alex and embrace her role as a Navy Wife in California, Maryssa waits to get “her room back.”

Cindy is laughing about never finding out what an empty nest is while everyone continued to ask when my son will have children. 

My Daughter In Law Stephanie Hafele and Son Robert Hafele

My son will tell you never because he recognizes and realizes the work and responsibility of being a parent and because he works three jobs to pay the bills.

My daughter in law isn’t nearly as focused on “running a tight ship” at the HafeleHouse.

Kids are a lifelong responsibility for my sister and I.  We love them but would need far bigger houses to house everybody around here…

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