Every year the promise of love everlasting gets rekindled with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

 Our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney dashed off to buy Valentine cards last night with my twin sister for their pizza party tomorrow. 

Photography by Texas Twins Events Team Robert & Stephanie Hafele

Whether you are single or married, commercials targeting you to buy flowers, jewelry and candy are on the tv every fifteen minutes.

Every kiss doesn’t begin with Kay Jewellers here in Texas and even at my home aka WorthamWorld.  I’m not the most romantic person on the planet but believe in year round acts of love and generosity rather than the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  My husband doesn’t buy me flowers or candy because I don’t want him to.  Instead, he gets me a gift certificate for a massage or manicure and pedicure because he realizes that I will use it.

Spending a fortune just to attend a Valentine’s Day dinner with your “date” doesn’t appeal to me either. Fighting the crowds on a holiday with over burdened waiters isn’t my idea of a “fun time.”  I prefer to cook at home and perhaps add something a little more exotic than our standard evening meal like lobster or crab legs. 

Save your money and do something special for your sweetheart that comes from the heart.  Sure, we are all consumers but making it doing something different this year will surprise and delight your partner. 

Many of our clients want to marry on a holiday in order to remember their wedding date and often because a holiday is dear to them.

I’m off up meet with my couple marrying this weekend at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love without all of the commercialism.

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins Events