Yesterday morning found me running here, there and everywhere to locate blue and green flowers to add to my existing inventory of Centerpieces to accomodate a family who needed loaned floral designs. 

     While my twin, Cindy Daniel ran last minute errands with our Little Pawners, my son, Robert Hafele and his wife, Stephanie Hafele ran to the store for spare batteries for the camera. 

   Last minute items, quick fixes and running through WalMart are often “on the dash” necessities when planning our Dream Events.  

After grabbing everything, we (as usual) met up at Wortham World in order for me to quickly refashion four Centerpieces and a toss bouquet for the wedding of Keelan Chance Tabor and Mary Alyce Ward. 

This wedding was to take place at 7PM.  However, due to distance and scheduling issues, my Team of Cindy Daniel, Maryssa Mahaney, Makenna Mahaney along with Robert and Stephanie Hafele went to the venue first in order to decorate the backyard wedding area with my handcrafted chair bows and Centerpieces while dropping off the toss bouquet prior to heading to the Keller Park location of our 5PM wedding of Matthew John Bandy and Amber Kate Hardman. 


While it may appear that our events are seamless, getting everything organized and mobilized while saving money comes from executed planning and, a team effort. 


The Little Pawners made “a run” through WalMart to grab a few bolts of ribbon to decorate the park location of the Bandy Wedding with my twin, Cindy Daniel and I after making a “pit stop” at SAMs Club for a delicious hot dog and sauerkraut drink combo. Cost per meal? $1.50 that’s right, under $2.00 we operate on a budget and, fancy meals out are a rarity when you run a business that seldom makes money but, instead makes dreams come true for worthy families! 


   My Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team had a great time “goofing around” at the Keller Park while waiting on the Beautiful Bride and her Groom. 


     The lovely Amber carried a loaned bouquet from my inventory, Texas Twins Treasures, while her handsome groom sported a boutennier from inventory on loan, with the fantastic turquoise gown and coordinating dress shirt of her beau and handsome young son, this couple had as much fun frolicking on the playground for photos as my team had enjoyed earlier.  After officiating and getting several family photos (to send to the couple later this week as a gift) my SUV pulled out to head back to Fort Worth for a 7PM wedding (previously decorated with Texas Twins Treasures Inventory.)  

 Chowing down on the chicken strips my son picked up while officiating the wedding, we hustled on down the highway! Arriving at the venue of the Tabor Wedding, I quickly jumped in to help out attaching boutenniers while we waited on the beautiful bride, Mary Alyce, who was having her hair done at Tammy Legget’s home by Angela Rodden.  Tammy also prepared numerous treats for the reception as well as opening her home and played a key part in the success of this wedding along with Angela Rodden and my Texas Twins Team. 


Sometimes, it “takes a village.” Tammy Leggett and Angela Rodden played a vital role in beautifying the bride as well as providing food and loaned lanterns for the reception. There was no music at the Tabor Wedding, so I led the Guests in my own rendition of “Here Comes The Bride.” 


Both, Tammy Leggett and Angela Rodden (as well as Tammy’s daughter, Sammie) have been family friends for many years to my family.  In fact, it was Tammy Leggett who suggested that I officiate this wedding (thank you Tammy.)   The stunning wedding cake for the Tabor Family was handcrafted by talented artist, Cyndee Fortune- Farmer, who also showed me numerous phone photos of her amazing talents with not only cakes but, painting, sketching and artwork. 



Of course, our Little Pawners took several photos and posted them to their “brand new” Facebook Pages, Makenna Marie Mahaney and Maryssa Ann Mahaney while enjoying another Dream Event with The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team. 


Making dreams come true for families who otherwise couldn’t afford a beautiful event? You bet! Spending time with my wonderful family while meeting fantastic folks from all walks of life? Bonus! Seeing friends I’ve missed visiting with for years? Double bonus! All in all, this Texas Twin and my fantastic team may have had a long day of traveling and working but, everyone enjoyed a beautiful event and everyone had a day of family, friends and fun- this best things in life often don’t need to be expensive, they simply need a dash of resilience, passion and the desire to overcome anything to achieve a Dream Event. 


Creating a business not focused on making money but instead focused on families? You bet! My vision superseded earning income and, three years later, I’ve purchased or handcrafted items to now have the inventory to accomodate nearly any wedding or event color or theme, Wedding Warriors plan ahead baby!  


This family of twins wins with wonderful memories, happy families and welcome visits with long lost friends.  Our journey continues as we plan our next Dream Event from Fort Worth, Texas.  We are The Pawning Planners!