Three years ago, while struggling to overcome thyroid cancer, I needed a joyful and celebratory hobby.  That’s right, I needed something to give me hope in humanity and something to look forward to. 


I would use funding from the sale of our oversized Lakeside home and, my creative talent of refurbishing antiques to start a risky endeavor called Texas Twins Events.  My plan was to handle everything from the ceremony, to the flowers, to the photos and even the flower girls, ring bearers or ushers (our darling Little Pawners) and offer low cost alternatives to traditional price structures.  

  Traditional costs of a wedding officiant in DFW are $250-$500 during wedding season.  My pricing is $50-$275 based on travel whether there will be a rehearsal or not and offering numerous year round discounts to affiliations that are important to me. 


My twin, Cindy Daniel and I both agreed we would need two SUV’s to transport floral designs and staff as well as picking up furniture and items to flip and refurbish.  Together, we would log over 100,000 miles on our SUV’s over the past three years.  From road trips to rest stops- we’ve made dreams come true for hundreds of families who otherwise couldn’t afford a ceremony or event. 


Recently, I was contacted regarding the effects of Texas legalizing same sex marriage and what affect on my business a change of laws would create by Jeff Mosier of the Dallas Morning News.  As Texans await a Supreme Court verdict, my answer is that I will find a way to meet the needs of my community. 

 From group weddings to adding another 100,000 miles on my weary SUV- this Texas Twin Travels!  That’s right ya all, if Texas shoots down a law to recognize same sex unions, I’m licensed in numerous states and willing to travel to accomodate my friends within the LBGTQ community.  Last month, my entire team travelled to Oklahoma to officiate my very first legal LBGTQ wedding.  Same Sex Marriage is currently legal in many other states.


With a Team of Twins and my Super Sidekicks, Cindy Daniel, Virginia Malone, Ann Rowe Alexander, Angela Rodden, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, Robert and Stephanie Hafele and previous clients who are so inspired by our journey that they volunteer both their time and services- we can and will accomodate most ANY request! 


I was contacted yesterday by a Bride with very little money who told me of her sorrow after calling numerous Ministers who charged $300.00 and up to officiate her wedding.  I told her why I chose to start a business that now has the inventory to accomodate anyone needing borrowed bouquets, boutenniers, Centerpieces, chair bows, etc.  She asked how? I explained that I am an experienced floral designer and, along my journey, I realized that families coming to me didn’t have the funding for flowers.  To solve the problem, I began making arrangements in a wide array of color options in order to fill the needs of our clientele. I also have pillars and Centerpieces along with bouquets and boutenniers and can “whip up” anything and create custom orders.


From photography to flowers to the ceremony- my team is committed to giving back along our unique journey with a motto of “no money- no problem,” we effectively overcome any obstacle of finance issues by taking trades from families who cannot afford even the discounted fees offered through my sister site, and refurbishing them and finally, selling them on my storefront site at Ebay, Texas Twins Treasures. 

 To submit your trade, simply go to this website describe your unique story and Dream Event and attach a photo of your trade.


Regardless of Religious preference, I conduct Interfaith Ceremonies and, cater to ethnic and diverse clients who often, have nowhere to turn if their church refuses to conduct their ceremony.  For Catholic families needing a translator, we offer that as well. 


For families needing a wedding singer? We have that too!  That’s right, along my journey, when I saw a need, I filled the gap with the unique talents of my friends and family to accomodate most any request.  Diversity and cross training my team has created unity within my community. 


For couples desiring a Dream Event with hair and make up? Angela Rodden created a fabulous Beauty and the Beast themed Renewal of Vows by spending over three hours transforming a couple into the perfect example of a themed wedding. 


No request is too big or small, my Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team is committed to exceeding your expectations with the unique and combined talents of a team that is committed to overcoming adversity and economics just as much as I am. I’m often asked what percentage of my client base is ethnic, Interfaith, and LBGTQ.  The answer is that 99.9% of the clients with both businesses are either ethnic, Interacial or LBGTQ because they cannot afford the traditional pricing of the upper middle class.  You see, my team PREFERS to work with well deserving families for it is those who CAN afford to pay us that often DON’T.  Those who cannot afford to pay standard rates actually appreciate our commitment, our integrity and, our vision.


We believe everyone regardless of race, religion, background or income is entitled to enjoying a memorable event and, as we look forward to the rainy season finally leaving Fort Worth, rain and rescheduling has a busy weekend of weddings and events for our darling Little Pawners and my Texas Twins Team. 


While I hope that Texas finally legalizes same sex unions so that everyone can can enjoy the benefits of marriage, rest assured, that the impact to my family business will keep us busy with Dream Events, New Friends and Travels of The Texas Twins! 

 Wendy M Wortham