When you’re being followed by cameramen and wearing a mike, everything you wouldn’t want anyone to know that could go wrong at an event is documented for the world to see!

That’s right, while I would like to say that flawless execution comes easy- I would by lying and, I prefer to tell the truth.

Our wonderful production crew from Good Clean Fun TV arrived in Fort Worth to film the pilot episode for Lifetime TV at my home last week.

Shooting began in my office with a couple who had sought us out for a Dream Event which included a 50s theme.

Normally, I would require an up front deposit for a designer styled affair but, decided to instead cover the costs and take trades items to flip and refurbish.

To keep costs down, I made all of the arrangements myself did this wedding and purchased the darling flower girl poodle skirts with striped tops as well as providing the Bride and a Groom cakes along with cupcakes that my twin and hilarious sidekick, Cindy Daniel ate.

When strangers ask why and how I’ve learned to do almost anything myself to save money? My answer is self explanatory for buying items costs money that my clients can’t afford to spend! Instead, the entire Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team use our individual skill sets to overcome any issue and, keep our overhead ow by doing so.

Our next filming location would be the park chosen by the couple due to economics (ie: it was free.)

Texas weather would have me scrambling to find an alternative with a narrow window which ironically, was a karate studio in Willow Park.

My twin sister and I were filmed again going over ideas for an enclosed building that could accommodate up to 50 guests for both the reception and ceremony.

What could go wrong? What went right? Well, the execution turned out beautifully although many struggles stood in my way on a time stamped transformation of the karate studio.

Thankfully, both Cindy Daniel and I along with the Texas Twins Team were working with seasoned professionals from our production company who let us feel “completely at ease” to the point that I often forgot I was “wired for sound” as well as recorded on film dealing with “yet another problem.”

Arriving at the studio in Willow Park, I immediately realized that my twin “trying to save ME money” had ordered the wrong sized tables as well as garden chairs for Adam outdoor venue. Obviously, my chair covers were not going to fit.

Unloading my Centerpieces and floral arrangements for the wedding party my twin dropped a few and I was forced to quickly “stick items” haphazardly back into containers.

I asked Cindy and my staff to unload the car only to realize that the guest pen was there but, the guest book was mysteriously absent. My sisters reply? “Well, at least we have the pen- SCORE!”

While my son Robert helped my sister Cindy set up the chairs, my sister noticed that not only were the chairs wet, a few were stained with “skid marks.” Virginia went to her vehicle to retrieve a towel before helping me (under the tables and attempting to rectify a solution to the table cloths that wouldn’t fit due to the incorrect table sizes.)

Asking Cindy to locate the four flower baskets that I had purchased for our little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney as well as the Williams two daughters I was shocked to hear that these were also “missing.” After finally finding them, my twin realized the flower petals had been “marked” by my family pet Mr Foxy Wortham, I quickly ran to a vehicle to retrieve perfume since I had NO time to purchase replacement petals. My sister quickly gave another #cindyism “Holy Cow, this place went from smelling like a nursing home to a whorehouse in 60 seconds!” Erupting into laughter at my desire for “perfection” my twin and sidekick continued to document every possible thing that could go wrong while I struggled to correct them.

If you have never worked with your own family by including them in your business, you would not understand the often stressful scenarios and chaos I go through minutes prior to an event. The fact is, I have the serious team members who are as upset as I am that “everything is going wrong” and the “taking it on stride” team members who often find challenges at events hilarious!

Asking my twin to put the cupcakes into a stunning two tiered stand that held the Grooms cake on the top level, I was horrified to see red stained fingertips on my sisters hand that I assumed were from the frosting on the Bridal Cake- luckily, I was wrong. Cindy decided to bump the cupcakes together I’m order to hide her finger prints on the previously perfect confections.

While Steve Daniel (Cindy’s husband) was opening packages to cover the blue Wall mats in order to cover them in black, Cindy yelled “hey don’t year off the SKU numbers, Wendy gave me the receipts so I can return them and make a buck!”

Hitting a lick at my expense is always a priority to my twin, Cindy Daniel and, she’s very good at it.

Steve Daniel responded to my sons statement “this story is coming together with a happy ending” at 4:40PM (the wedding was at 5) by asking my son “what book are you reading?!”

At five o’clock, Cindy announced with “jazz hands” that it was SHOWTIME!

Running to the restroom to find a broken toilet and change into my vestment, I took a moment to breathe deeply because after all, we had done it! The Texas Twins Team and Wendy Wortham had (yet again) nearly made it through another Dream Event!

The beautiful Bride entered while my sister scanned the room with everyone standing to watch me officiate and, with a shrug of her shoulders, sat back to eat a cupcake!

At the end of the day- I can honestly say that creating a dream event on limited budgets is a challenge on it’s own but, for anyone looking at the photos- you would never guess what actually happens “behind the scenes.”

I will take that and be happy with the results because the couple and their friends were, changing the wedding and events one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas the compensating personalities of two sets of twins and our team of “professionals” might complete an event a little more creatively than others (hence the duct tape) but, we get the job done!

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events