Today at dinner my husband asked an odd question about eulogies.

Everyone is uncomfortable when speaking at a funeral- including me if the person is someone is someone I knew well.

You see, the role of a Funeral Clergy or Celebrant requires me to comfort survivors not grieve with them.

Often when surrounded by grief and despair it may seem difficult to focus on the positive influences the deceased spent a lifetime giving, sharing and influencing the lives of those present to honor their memory.

When giving a eulogy, it’s easiest to make several notations that are informative and even humorous to recall your history and experiences with someone you knew well or even loved.

While many funerals have offered me a moment to let someone else speak when I did not know the deceased, it gives me a much better insight of the good deeds and fond memories of the departed.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have and hope that by taking a first step to preparing your eulogy this article helps you understand that you can say things that you recall and even add your own creative touch as there are no rights or wrongs when honoring your friend or relative.

Wendy M Wortham
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