If you had told me today’s wedding would go smoothly-I would’ve laughed.  I’ve had a slammed busy week already raising funds for Frontier Days and riding in the parade then running to yesterday’s rehearsal after fundraising for the Food Bank. 

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Upon arriving last night at the rehearsal, I was met with conflict when the family members had a problem with the location and everything else pertaining to the wedding today.

After two hours on location, my patience was wearing thin and I was not looking forward to this event. When there is no money to rent a venue, we use a park because it’s free.



Inlaws and Outlaws argue at every turn and give their opinions.  Believe it or not, I often have to convince them that their opinions aren’t important to me because my job is to please the clients not their families! 
Trying to orchestrate a wedding rehearsal isn’t “easy” or smooth when no one likes the dirt at the park or the railroad tracks behind the area.  I finally got everyone on track and in the lineup and crossed my fingers that tempers wouldn’t be flaring at today’s event. 

This morning, I decided to pack all of the things they would most likely forget as well as running to pick up the wedding cakes.  My list started with a serving set, two cake trays, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, one bridal bouquet, plates, forks, napkins, ice and champagne along with extra cameras and batteries.  As expected, the Inlaws and outlaws who bothered to show up didn’t bother to grind anything.  Since I’ve had five years to learn what won’t be brought, I overcompensate by bringing everything myself.

Thinking of everything in order to have a beautiful and smooth ceremony takes patience, money and time but I’m the only wedding officiant who goes to these lengths in order to give the gift of a Dream Event.  Creating an inventory to loan clients sets me apart from my competition and taking trades when they have no money is my second “secret to success” because I help the families that no one else will and provide the extras they can’t afford themselves. Sometimes the outlaws fail to recognize that no one else will go above and beyond to help the clients than myself and my multigenerational team.

Due to my client base of low to middle class families- I often don’t work with the cream of the crop!  There’s drama and disaster, there’s joy and stress.


All floral designs on loan from my inventory added beauty to this event.  The mother of the bride wanted to keep one of my bouquets but, after continued issues on location regarding my property- I now require clients to sign an agreement that they understand my bouquets and bouteniers along with bouquets, props & anything else belonging to me be returned to me in the same condition it was loaned in and that under no circumstances do clients or guests “get to keep” anything loaned.  I’ve spent a lot of money to create this inventory and most certainly didn’t do so to give away anything.


Although it was fairly hot, everyone was happy to see us unloading both of our suv’s with my team and preparing for the wedding. The Inlaws were completely different from yesterday’s first meeting and things went very well because they finally recognized everything we were doing for their family and that I was willing to leave if the wedding had as many problems as the rehearsal.  Sometimes you have to explain where your line in the sand is and, I do.

Occasionally, I have my own doubts about whether the Inlaws and outlaws will be a problem.  Thankfully, changing their attitude comes with years of working with the public and selling.

My customer service skills come in handy when necessary…

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