I’m often surprised by the requests of clients who have no money- they want everything but don’t want to “put any skin in the game!”   

When clients come to me with photos of “what they want” and have no idea of the cost involved, I often have to educate them.  While I would one day love to have a venue and Texas Twins Treasures storefront, when I do the venue will not be free.  Like anyone else, I expect to get paid and, if you have no money, I take trades.  What I don’t do is work for free and have no plans to start working for free after five years in the wedding and events industry  along with thousands of dollars invested in my “venture.”  Sometimes “educating a client isn’t easy” when they have an idea of what they want but have spent no time researching their desires!

With school out, Cindy and I have our hands full  keeping our Mini Me twins busy and they often accompany us to client meetings & Appraisal Appointments. 

Finding something to do everyday while Maryssa and Makenna are out of school while blending it with my schedule of events and Appraisal Appointments can sometimes be “challenging.” 

The twins stay with my husband and I Wednesday through Friday while Cindy works her part time “gig” as brand ambassador for Proctor & Gamble and her daughter, Stephaney Mahaney works as a waitress.  We are a “working” family with everyone taking on part time jobs along with working for me Friday- Sunday at events, fundraisers and volunteering for numerous charities and organizations. 

Wendy Wortham On Location With The Yarbrough Brides


On Location- Stephanie Hafele My Daughter In Law & Staff Photographer


On Location With My Son, Robert Hafele Staff Photographer

 Today is another “busy day” with swimming at Virginia’s house for the twins while I help her prepare an answer to her debt lawsuit and run to develop film from last weekends wedding while running my brother in law, Steve Daniel to Ryder to haul a load of Xerox equipment to Miami because his SUV is “on the fritz.” 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With My Niece, Leigh Ann Blais

With Leigh Ann in San Diego with our Latest Little Pawner, Madyson Blais our family is really missing having a little bundle of joy around both of our homes to entertain and delight us with her expanding personality and hugs.  Leigh Ann calls home several times a day and face times us with her “California Adventure” while her husband Alex Blais attends Navy classes to prepare them for their next journey to a new base. 

Wendy Wortham With “Maddie” Blais At DFW Airport Waiting For Alex

Leigh Ann has Madyson signed with 13 Instagram companies as a model so everyday is a dress up day for the Blais Family.  We look forward to her posts on Instagram and FB daily. 

Stephanie Hafele Helps Me Prepare Loaned Centerpieces In My Workroom At WorthamWorld

Yesterday, I met with a new bride and listened carefully to her “wedding plan” while viewing photos of things she wanted to decorate with for the event.  Reviewing photos of dueling doors and hay bales, I inquired as to whether she could locate the bales and doors herself since I don’t have or keep these items in my inventory to loan.  Many brides assume that I loan everything they need- this is inaccurate.  I have two sets of bridal party designs on hand with 30 Centerpieces, two cake stands, serving sets and columns.  If you don’t want to “borrow” from my inventory, you must provide your own items and, if you don’t want to use a park (because it’s free), you will need to secure a venue or borrow a fiend or neighbors barn for your event as I do not have a building for our weddings and events. 

Elopement Packages In My Home aka WorthamWorld

While I do often have wedding elopement packages available in my home, the limit on wedding parties & guests is 10 people.  I’m not certain how this young bride “plans” to pull everything off with her desire for a “100% country wedding.”  Advising her that hay bales run about $75 a piece and that the doors she was wanting (found on a Pinterest board) were very large and wouldn’t fit into our suv’s.  Cindy and I often listen to the desires of brides who have no idea what anything costs but “want it ALL.”

Suggesting an area park and inquiring about the food- our latest new client had no idea what their budget was.  I need to know in order to plan my staff and our timelines to accommodate clients and, whether you are booking through Texas Twins Events (cash or check) or The Pawning Planners (bartering your event).

Although attempting to “please everyone all the time isn’t easy,” we sometimes have to bring these brides “back down to earth” because I’m not operating a My Fair Wedding type of business.  There are no large corporations donating items, there are no corporate sponsors and there are no fairy Godmothers. 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele Modeling Pawning Planners Apparel

Bending over backwards to keep clients happy has never been an easy or inexpensive task.  I created Pawning Planners Apparel to “fill the gap” of clients with no money but, if you have over the top requests or ideas- you must understand that The Pawning Planners sponsor 5-10 events a year and for clients I’ve personally interviewed in their home to ensure they have no money or no trade.

Over the top requests are as baffling to me as the Little Pawners saying their bored- if I had a moment to be bored myself- rest assured that I would enjoy every second of it!

Running to my next client meeting with the twins in tow, today like most of my others days will be busy, busy, busy!

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