Jenny rescheduled her wedding because we were booked with too many events last week.  In nearly 7 years a rebooking by the client has only happened twice.  Lisa and Terry Williams rescheduled their wedding to accommodate my schedule a few years ago too.  IE: It is very rare for clients to accommodate our schedule but, it happens! 

Since I’m often asked how my team can cover several events on the same day, the answer is that we split up.  We have 4 officiants and two photography teams to handle “in season” requests.

My son and his wife were booked at another event, so my niece Leigh Ann Blais handled the photography at this wedding with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel handling videography and set up with me and our Latest Little Pawner Madyson Blais entertaining the children.

A few readers wonder how long we are on location.  Photography takes between 1 & 2 hours.  Officiating a ceremony generally lasts 20-30 minutes.  Set up can easily take 3-4 hours.  We are often invited to eat with the guests and wedding party at receptions and are honored for the invitation but often have 2-3 events scheduled on the same day and therefore have to run off but your invite to break bread is an honor.

Arriving at the home, Jenny’s Godfather greeted my team like an old friend with hugs and invited us in.  The spotless home featured a beautiful patio and garage area that had been transformed into a beautiful and intimate area for a wedding.  This wonderful and generous man had spent weeks painting and decorating his home as a surprise to beautiful Jenny.  He told me “it was a labor of love- your team coming in to help me was a blessing!” We loved this event and meet hundreds of happy families on our journey to change the wedding and events industry one family at a time.  I officiated the ceremony and like Leigh Ann, Cindy & Madyson felt “right at home” with this wonderful group of friends and family.

The Pawning Planners With Jenny’s Godfather Who Transformed His Home To Give Jenny A Beautiful Wedding

Her birth father didn’t attend this wedding which is sad but her Godfather and father in law & mother were there to give her a beautiful wedding with help from my Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team.


Bride and Groom Looking Beautiful Photo By Leigh Ann Blais Maddie & Me For Texas Twins Events

 Since many of our readers wonder how pulling it all together works- I provided floral designs, flower petals, ring pillows & flower baskets, bubbles for the children and officiated the event while my sister captured video and helped Leigh Ann stage photo ops for the family and friends.  I think of everything so clients can relax and enjoy their day. 

On Location-My Niece Leigh Ann & Grandniece Madyson AKA “Maddie”



Enjoying Watching My Niece Take Family Photos


Having a “team” is essential to “doing weddings right.”  Working with families to ensure they have their day their way- we were thrilled with over 1000 lights in the veranda with Christmas decorations and fiesta music that my grandniece danced to for most of the evening- Maddie loves music.

One reader asked why we take our children and grandchildren to events.  My entire family work events with me and therefore, when we are on location, our husbands often watch the twins unless they are flower girls or ring bearers at events.  My youngest grandniece, Madyson is too young for her mother to leave at home with Uncle Matthew or Pappa Steve.  When Leigh Ann is handling photography, Cindy and I keep an eye on young Maddie who loves playing with children at events.  We are a family owned & operated events business after all.  

But if a client books me or someone on my staff as an officiant- we normally go with one other person as a team.  IE: Cindy and I, Robert & Stephanie or Anne & Robert, Leigh Ann & Cindy.  Based on the needs of the clients, who shows up at your event can be 1-2 people or 3-5.  If you also booked our mini me twins AKA The Little Pawners as flower girls, ring bearers or ushers, we arrive in 2 suv’s with 5-7 Texas Twins Events Team Members. 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney Have Been In Weddings More Times Than Any Of Us Can Count


My Multigenerational Family AKA Texas Twins Events Team

This event “pulled together beautifully” with wonderful weather and a family who appreciates our help and were willing to reschedule their event.  

Cindy shot a video of Leigh Ann working with the wedding party and guests for memorable photos.  To give you an idea of how we work to get great wedding or event photos, visit this link-Leigh Ann Blais-Photographer For Texas Twins Events.  My son and his wife Stephanie work as a team at events and have different shooting styles and ideas for a wide variety of photos.  To watch them in action, visit this link-Robert & Stephanie Hafele-Photography Team For Texas Twins Events.

I’m often asked why some of our events are at backyards, barns, fields & parks while others are at high end venues.  The answer is that Texas Twins Events Clients CAN AFFORD a venue while Pawning Planners Clients CANNOT.  My client base from one company to the other is a virtual melting pot of people and places.  

My twin sister Cindy often captures video when not busy assisting clients on location which is why we don’t always have video.  Also if a client booking an officiant or coordinator has their own photographer at an event we do not take photos.  Photography is either booked through Texas Twins Events or Complimentary for Pawning Planners Clients.  To give you a better idea of the wide variety of locations for our events, I’m adding these YouTube video links for a better idea of the diversity-Carswell AFB Wedding In A C130 On The Tarmac.  Bring Your Own Chair With The Bowman Family.  Willow Lake Event Center. BellTower Chapel With Wendy Wortham.  Photo Time At An Outdoor Venue.

It’s crazy but true that I can easily (and often) start out my day at an expensive and beautiful venue for a Texas Twins Events booking and end my day at a park, backyard or barn for a Pawning Planners client as can my team.

No two clients are alike.  The Bartering Business brings us clients that we would have never met or even knew about if I hadn’t merged Texas Twins Events & Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners.

The beautiful bride loved my bouquets and photo props while we had fun meeting new people and enjoying homemade tamales while listening to classic & festive Tejana music.  We loved every aspect of this heartwarming wedding! 



Beautiful Bride With A Bouquet Loaned From My Inventory As A Courtesy


Father of the Groom & Bride


Photographer -Leigh Ann Blais With The Happy Bride-Our Clients LOVE Us!


A TwinTeam The Pawning Planners On Location At Another Amazing Texas Twins Event

As I load the SUV for another day of fun in the sun with my family, I’m thankful that deciding to start a low cost wedding and events service that expanded to take Barters that gave me a window to meet wonderful families from all walks of life. 

Wedding Party & Guests Directed By Me As Leigh Ann Discusses Ideas With The Groom

 We were honored to be a part of this special day with new friends of the Texas Twins! 

Wendy Wortham-Writer & Jack Of All Trades? You Bet-With My Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team There Isn’t Anything Stopping Us From Giving The Gift Of A Dream Event!

Wendy M Wortham