My grandnieces have been in weddings since they were 2 years old and love the opportunity to either work for tips or “flips” by bartering for their efforts. 


Maryssa and Makenna look for toys and electronics at our appraisal appointments and also work well with other younger children to keep them entertained. 

 While “working” at our events was never planned, the twins jumped in and found themselves enjoying not only the families we meet but also the production involved with a wedding.  They love getting a new dress for a wedding too and after being flower girls in my wedding 9 years ago, were flower girls at my son’s wedding and my niece as well when Tash and Tamara Hargrove-Lenzy invited them to work for tips as flower girls at their wedding in San Antonio and before you knew it- the twins had created a “little business” for themselves.  The Tash & Tamara Hargrove-Lenzy Wedding was one of our favorite events along with the Rebecca Bowman and Bambi Morgan Weddings. Cindy videotaped in  San Antonio Wedding With Tash & Tamara- Texas Twins Events and we’ve since learned to turn our phone sideways ya all.  

Going Away Block Party For Soldier Brody Nolan- Stephaney, Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney Texas Twins Events Team Members

From block parties to birthday parties and baptisms, estate liquidation sales and Pawning Parties, our “Little Pawners” love to “hit a lick” by earning money and helping my team.  
They created their own “pitch video” last year to hawk their services and Maryssa has a message on her phone to call me if you need to hire a Little Pawner for your next  event!  Meet The Little Pawners- Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney gives you a sample of their big personalities and competitive nature. 

 Involving your family in your business can bring a bit of humor now and then and with our Mini Me twins- add fun to appraisal appointments since everyone is looking for something different. 

 I’m looking for antiques, Cindy is looking for jewelry and the twins are looking for toys and electronics but the hunt is often more fun than the event because it’s our first meeting with clients.

Going  over what they want from us and the expense involved to meet their needs relies heavily on our ability to find something of value.  Often we find a Texas Twins Treasure by digging through rooms full of discarded junk and laugh while my twin sister comes up with her iconic #Cindyisms to sum up the situation. 

 Tomorrow I’m having a wedding at my home aka WorthamWorld which includes cake & champagne, complimentary photos and a wedding officiant for $125.00 which is a heckuva deal but many of our clients are low to middle class and love having the ability to afford a real ceremony rather than going to the Justice of the Peace.  The “extras” mean a lot to our clients and I try to go the extra mile while keeping overheard low by also loaning bouquets and ring pillows for their ceremony.

While meeting some pretty interesting people these past 5 years has been an interesting journey, it’s often they have story (heartbreak, job loss, discrimination for Lbgt clients, death and divorce) that “touches my heart.”

No one I’ve given a Dream Event to was rich or without struggle.  My client base is compromised of hard luck and loss families who had nowhere else to turn and no one else to help them.

Occasionally, we find a few inlaws and outlaws that bring their own brand of chaos to a Dream Event.  But the clients (unlike their families) understand that no one else in my industry would have helped them without cold, hard cash.

Sometimes my team and I endure and interact with a few outlaws but we are good at overcoming objections with family members who “throw their two cents in.”

Our job is to give the client a beautiful event with little or no money from them and it’s a gift that keeps giving for hundreds of families along our journey.

The twins love posing for photos and flipping their finds on Instagram to earn money to buy more games and “girlie girl stuff” of jewelry and purses.

They’ve learned the value of a dollar and the compassion and appreciation of what we do for others and I believe that compassion is something that every child needs to learn.

Going to a house with a dirt floor certainly gave our twins insight on what they should be thankful for!

Maryssa and Makenna have also given away their outgrown clothing to past clients children upon recognizing and realizing that clothes and shoes were a luxury that many of our clients couldn’t afford.

Changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time by offering low cost services and ceremonies has never been easy.  Taking trades when clients had no money was an interesting twist to my original concept but, it was one my family and I rolled with.  By doing so we created a window for anyone (regardless of their income) to enjoy a beautiful event.

The twins have decided to learn photography and set up which should be another fun evolution for them and I’m looking forward to them learning every aspect of this business along with my son and daughter in law and both of my nieces.

One day perhaps I can focus on running a storefront for Texas Twins Treasures and a venue for Texas Twins Events while leaving all the planning to our children and grandchildren.

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins TV