We travelled to this event with our usual “caravan” that included my twin, Cindy Daniel, the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, family friends Angela Rodden with her son, Gianni Rodriquez and Tammi Leggett along with her daughter Sammi Leggett to support this very worthy cause. 

 Recently contacted to attend a charitable event at Harley Davidson by Sherri, I contacted my team and arranged my schedule in order to attend and meet this dynamic young lady who had started a non profit organization in order to reach out to parents who could not afford a headstone or marker when their child passes away.

It is well known that I donate my services as a funeral clergy and Last Rites minister on call at several area hospitals as well as donating silk flower arrangements for area funeral homes when families cannot afford flowers.  

 In 2012, Sherri experienced what no parent ever dreams will happen to them– the sudden loss of their child.  After surviving the financial crisis of an unexpected funeral, she realized that like herself, headstones were out of the question for single parents. 

 Stones of Love helps primarily single parents in financial crisis who need headstones for their children.  When every penny counts, a headstone is a luxury that many parents cannot afford and it would take her a year to find the income to mark her sons grave.

Sherri’s way of “giving back” to memorialize her sons  precious  life while helping a parent go through the grieving process is to give parents a marker for parents to visit, lay flowers or reminder their children.

Stones of Love honors Solomon Robert Johnson, Sherri’s son who passed away June 4, 2012.

This afternoon as I travel from Fort Worth to Corinth to attend the Benefit at American Eagle Harley Davidson from 11-3PM while en route to a Desoto Wedding and stopover at the Gas Monkey Garage to meet our camera crew, it becomes apparent that Sherri put her heart into reaching back behind her to help a stranger overcome the very same issues that she had faced alone when she lost her son. 

 Many of our twins, friends and followers realize that nearly four years ago, I started Texas Twins Events specifically to address the families who could not afford weddings, funerals and event services after my son met and married Stephanie Hafele.

Prior to my sons wedding, I had no idea of the expense involved and, at the time, my husband a former real estate developer, had been unemployed for three years which caused a financial hardship in providing a beautiful ceremony for him. 

 I made all of the bouquets, center pieces, boutenniers and corsages myself to save money and decided that if I was struggling to afford this Dream Event, others must be as well.

When people or reporters ask why I was so committed to overcoming financial restraints, it becomes apparent to me that unless you’ve been in a situation firsthand- it’s very difficult for an “outsider” to see and comprehend the lengths you will go to in order to prevent a stranger from facing similar circumstances. 

 Financial “roadblocks” are a very real issue for families.  Finding a way to overcome the issue of money in order to help others is a remarkable “gift” and, I feel certain that meeting Sherri Kazlauskas today was meant to be. 

 As I attempt to organize items for this afternoons weddings and the day ahead here at WorthamWorld, it becomes clear to me that the hurdles I’ve overcome and the families my team and I have met have enriched our own lives and, I feel certain that Sherri will have similar stories of triumph over tragedy. 

 Only we can make the world a better place by reaching back and touching a strangers hand.  With an open heart and an open mind, the journey a stranger travels will be less of a burden with your help. 

 Wendy M Wortham