Yesterday was “jam packed” with fundraisers and weddings for the Texas Twins Team.  After leaving WorthamWorld to get the team members picked up and accounted for, it would be upon arriving home that I realized our cooler still had the bottle of champagne meant for Shereka! Sometimes, I’m running so fast around here that even I occasionally miss a detail too ya all. 


We had started the day in Corinth, Texas after I was invited to attend a fundraiser for Stones of Love at Harley Davidson.  

  We left Corinth for Desoto and arrived at Shereka’s apartment where Tammi Leggett and Angela Rodden found a lovely area for the ceremony under a tree with my hilarious sidekick, Cindy Daniel giving us ideas on cute and memorable photos for the couple that included our darling Little Pawners along with Tammi’s daughter, Sammi jumping in for a few photos.

This was my first legal LBGT marriage in Texas.  It is well known that I have travelled outside of my home state to conduct marriages and I am registered and licensed to conduct marriage in nearly all states within the U.S. 


I brought floral designs from my Texas Twins Inventory in order to bring beauty to this event and I have an extensive inventory of my handcrafted chair bows, bridesmaid bouquets and bridal bouquets along with corsages and boutenniers to a accommodate our clients who do not have their own floral designs.  


We are blessed to meet so many wonderful families for Dream Events in our travels and my dear friend, Angela Rodden who had not yet had the pleasure of joining us at an event had such a good time visiting with out new friends that she told me “this is the greatest job in the world, I would like to do this everyday!”  I agree, meeting new friends and making their dreams come true is a unique and adventurous business based on giving back to our community.  

 Congratulations to this family and having the patience to pose in numerous different angles in order for my team to photograph your celebration. This family found a posting for weddings starting at $50.00 online with Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners and while normally a trip charge would be included, I make exceptions based on the circumstances so, if you have a wedding or Dream Event, I encourage you to contact us and even if you have no money, we will work with you through our Pawning Process to ensure everyone has a beautiful event regardless of their income.  To submit your trade- and click the home page to upload a photo and tell me your unique story. 

These Texas Twins Travel to make dreams come true from Fort Worth, Texas.  Follow our unique journey on Kindle 2016 


Reverend Wendy M Wortham