A lot of folks ask why I don’t have country “quotes” or a lot of knowledge about country living, today I’m going to let ya all in on why and how my hilarious sidekick attained all of her insight into the Texas Humor that I’ve never possessed. Texas Twins TV


You see, Cindy met her first husband, Roy Anderson bailing hay in Gordon, Texas while staying with our Aunt Shirley.  We often do not discuss our exhusbands publicly for a number of reasons but, mainly because the pain of reflecting at traumatic times during our lives is unsettling for both of us.  The only “country” things I’ve encountered were learning how to drive on a tractor and farm life at my Aunt Shirley’s where I saw my first real chicken, donkey, guinea, and other farm animals.  It was also where I held my first post hole digger and learned the dangers of barbed wire! You see, we spent our summers on a farm for years with my Aunt Shirley.  A lot of her humor is based on work, money and other folks “opinions or insights.”


We’ve never been “lucky” we’ve always been persevering and determined to overcome the adversities on our lives that we faced as a team.  We laugh and have a lot of fun together because we are comfortable together and have the gift of compensating personalities. My twin sister is funny, uninhibited and a free spirit who loves to wear house shoes for real shoes and believes comfort is far more important than fashion!  If I pick out clothes for my sister, you can expect her to pop out with a #Cindyism describing all the reasons she will refuse to wear it!


I’m far more “goofy” around my twin and our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney primarily because I’m at ease and comfortable with my team of twins.  Cindy is well known for her Texas Humor styled #Cindyisms which reflect moments in her life that were overwhelming and the best way for her to deal with them was descriptive with a reality based twist that made it humorous for her and therefore, easier to overcome. 

#Cindyism Example: “Just because you step in OLD $HIT, doesn’t mean it still WONT stink” (Translation: old problems don’t disappear.)

“You DONT get a BUFFET if you only bought the APPETIZER.”

“I may not be the DIAMOND, you wanted, but this CUBIC ZIRCONIA is GOING to SHINE on”

Ironically, my own #Wendyism relates to writing checks and running my businesses along with the previous employers I’ve worked my butt off for the better part of my life to generate millions in revenue “Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered.” Meaning: I’ve spent a lifetime working harder than others because I had to, everyone relied on me and at the end of the day, I’ve learned that the only way to get ahead financially was to work for myself and read between the lines since this Texas Twin no longer chases a “carrot on a stick.”  My motto is “show me the money.”  I’m too old and experienced to be a sucker for anyone.    “This ain’t my FIRST cook out, but I always bring my own beef!” 


Cindy married Roy Anderson very young and was forced to build Anderson Dairy brick by brick in Gordon, Texas as well as working at the Crane Feed Store.  Roy was abusive and didn’t allow my sister to wear gloves to protect her hands from lead poisoning or see me during the marriage.  

Her life at this time was a tragedy and, I would later “rescue” her in a VW Beetle after realizing that she was being used as a human slave and workhorse.  Yes, I realize a VW isn’t the “best” getaway vehicle but, it was all that I had.  In order to bring my twin back to the city it would be necessary to “fight off” Roy with a cement shovel in order to remove my sister from “her chains.”  That VW nearly did a wheelie crossing over the train tracks to freedom and Fort Worth! I’m not afraid to “drive the car.”


Cindy’s smiles, her quick comebacks and her view on life is one of survival.  Raising her twin granddaughters without the benefit of child support has been a financial struggle that I’ve shared with her to give these twins all the things we never had and a life filled with love and laughter! 


The twins consider themselves to be “city twins” although they live in Weatherford, Texas with my twin sister Cindy.  My sister and I have suffered and struggled to raise all of our children with the fundamentals of strong work ethics, manners and compassion.  We accomplish this by taking everything we’ve survived and turning it around in a dyslexic way of life- it’s easier to look behind you when your twin has something funny to say that quickly sums up the situation like looking over her shoulder as we “spun rubber” pulling out of that dairy and said, “I’m never laying another brick as long as I live.”  She meant it and years later as we plan to return to Gordon for my Aunts 50th wedding anniversary- I’m certain we will both look past the railroad tracks and remember where we have been and where we are going. Our journey has empowered us, defined us and taught us how strong we actually are both mentally and physically.


I’m fairly no nonsense about everything in my life and require order in everything I do, including my home. Cindy is completely opposite and is more “geared” to fun times and adventures.  We are currently seeking an investor to market her iconic #Cindyism quotes on tshirts and caps because we are aware that the market exists for Texas Humor with a Twin Twist.  For more details, please use the contact us link at this website or my sister site Texas Twins Events 


Our travels and adventures with two sets of twins are always interesting since my sister believes that a Walmart bag with one black dress is all she needs while I spend days going over accessories, shoes and jewelry to create a perfect outfit.  The idea of living in the country has never appealed to me as I love the city life and have always worked in upscale clothing, cars and furniture while being the top tier of within any industry I chose to work.  Because of this, I realize there is a market for tshirts and caps and we are ready to dive into this endeavor and hoping to find an affordable storefront for Texas Twins Treasures to also sell Cindy’s custom headbands, tutus and hairbows alongside my unique refurbished antiques and home furnishings. 

Although Gordon, Texas has a few bad memories, it also holds several good ones at my Aunt’s farm swimming, hunting horny roads, riding horses, church carnivals, the malt shop, football games and parades.  Plenty of “good” things happened in Gordon and, the good far outweigh the bad.  I’ve told Cindy to focus on our future and forget the past that has haunted us and as we look forward to seeing all of our family and friends again, we find ourselves thankful that we never have to relive our past for we survived it, we overcame it and we lived to create unique businesses that “give back” to our community while sharing our unique journey with our Little Pawners. 


While I may not always understand my twin sisters #Cindyism quotes, she takes the time to “lay it out” for me since “city folk” like myself don’t always get the punch line?

Wendy M Wortham