I’m interviewed frequently about how and why I decided to jump into the wedding and events industry and the answers are simple since my son married during a time of financial crisis for my husband and I.  Learning how to create the floral designs myself saved thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses that my husband and I could not afford to spend.  Using “real touch” flowers, five years and hundreds of weddings later, the designs from my sons wedding are integrated into numerous other wedding bouquets, Centerpieces and boutenniers.  You see, the Redneck Reality is that reusing, refurbishing and recycling makes everything I do possible! 


 Last week I reviewed a FB message from Brooke Blumfeld regarding her cousin, Joanna who is marrying at one of my favorite venues in Weatherford on August 14.  I had dropped off this beautiful wedding gown at Cindy’s home aka DanielDivaDiggs in order for Joanna to try it on and see if it would fit like Cindrella’s glass slipper.  I had found this amazing dress at a second hand store and purchased it for $65.00 knowing that one day I would find someone who not only needed flowers, photography, floral designs and a wedding officiant but also the dress!  I plan ahead? sales from my Texas Twins Treasures inventory often fund my sponsored events services.  For a list of my services, please visit Texas Twins Events   This lovely young mother was thrilled beyond words and I’m looking forward to meeting her at Willow Lake this Thursday for the first time.  When my niece Leigh Ann Blais announced her plans to marry, Cindy and I scrambled through my inventory and I created a fabulous cascading bouquet with purple to make her wedding beautiful while on a budget with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel “pitching” in to decorate the staircase at Virginia Malone’s apartment complex. The flowers from this wedding have been used over and over for other families to enjoy the beauty of my handcrafted designs.

  At the funeral of my dear friend, Glenda Patterson, I again “dipped into” my inventory to create fantastic funeral arrangements in her favorite colors. I still miss her Texas laugh and smile, she was “gone too soon.”

 As many of my loyal readers know, I’m a planner, a preparer and by carefully reusing everything I can find- it makes a Dream Event possible for families who would never have afforded one on their own which is why I call them Dream Events! You see my flowers are in nearly all of my weddings and even funeral ceremonies.


  Cindy Daniel often accompanies me to events and throws a little humor on the table every chance she gets because weddings can be stressful and I’m usually in my “bossy” mode seeking perfection ya all.   Cindy even reuses my flowers to create fantastic headbands and hair bows as well as reusing the lace to handcraft tutus for our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.  We recycle and reuse everything again and again!   


   Our Little Pawners will be attending this event with the team and always love the wedding process and meeting new friends.  The tiny Texas Twins are social butterflies who love arranging flowers or taking photos at events and venues. 


 As I pack up and prepare items for my meeting with Joanna on Thursday at Willow Lake Event Center I decide to pull several bolts of ribbon that I plan to tie up the trees and rustic fence line. 


  I spend hours in my work room making floral designs and bows to adorn events when the couple lack funding for “extras” such as decorations and flowers to ensure perfection and beauty at all of my ceremonies. Congratulations Joanna and I look forward to meeting you and giving you a Dream Event which is why I started my businesses in the first place to give families who couldn’t otherwise afford a beautiful ceremony the opportunity to have wonderful photos and memories along with beautiful flowers and in this case, a wedding dress too!

Wendy M Wortham