When Brooke Blumfeld contacted me regarding a baby shower, she added “you’re the only folks who would do this for me.”  We’ve known Brooke for years and met her again at the Dream Event Wedding of Joanna Magee a few months ago. She was right of course, without the help of my Texas Twins Team, there would never have been a shower.  Ironically, neither Cindy or myself ever had a baby shower- you see we do for others what we’ve never experienced ourselves.  We are the people we’ve never met and value the importance of Dream Events for our clientele.

Brooke Blumfeld & Joanna Magee

A few weeks after hearing from Brooke, Joanna contacted me regarding a baby shower.  Since it’s already wedding season here, I told them the only way to do this with my schedule and funding for this event would be to do it at the same time for both mothers.  You see, decorations aren’t cheap and this was a “sponsored event” meaning there were no items taken in trade and, no payment. 

 For three months I purchased baby items to split between Brooke and Joanna and wrongly assumed that one of them would have a girl which would’ve been perfect since our latest Little Pawner, Madyson Blais is now four months old and has grown out of many of her darling outfits. 

Cindy Daniel with “Maddy” Blais

Alas, both ladies were having boys so I effectively had to start over by purchasing numerous second hand items and posting to my FB page that I would trade or barter newborn girl items for boys.  My dear friend Rebecca Bowman pitched in with several items and joined us at the venue with her family.

 Tammy Leggett purchased numerous decorations and I made two diaper cakes with my entire team of family members pitching in to decorate for the shower.  Robert and Stephanie Hafele (my son and daughter in law) took photos and my nieces Leigh Ann and Stephaney Mahaney brought items they had found to gift Joanna and Brooke while our twin grand daughters had some fun in the game room. 

Twin Sisters Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney aka The Little Pawners


Both Ladies Were Given These Plates By Me For Mementos Signed By The Guests


Family Friend and Former Client Rebecca Bowman With Her Son

When you are planning a party for two sets of families, there are sometimes a few folks who don’t get along well but, we knew this going in and executed this event without any disruptions because of the previous “incident” with Joanna’s brother at her wedding. 

Friends Debbie and Hannah Poteet Stopped By To Donate A Dress For An Upcoming Wedding In April

Our friends, the Poteet ladies stopped by the shower to donate a dress after reading my FB post regarding a young lady in Mineral Wells who had requested a Dream Event but sadly had no money for a dress.  Our FB, Twitter, Google Plus abd Instagram friends (often former clients) share our posts of what we need and everyone “bands together” to help a complete stranger which on its own is remarkable! 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham The Pawning Planners

When I decided on a “kid friendly” venue, Cindy initially thought it wasn’t a good idea but, Cici’s was affordable and we had plenty of room to spread everything out while keeping the children entertained. 

Maryssa Mahaney Helps “Load Up” at WorthamWorld


Wendy Wortham Unloading

Helping families overcome the barriers of having no parents or friends to help with a baby shower, wedding and even a funeral is a regular occurrence for The Pawning Planners but, usually there is compensation involved for myself and my team.  However, I’m glad I decided to take this party planning on because the thankful hugs from both ladies were gratitude enough for myself and my team. 

Three Generations of Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners

No two days are ever alike for me and as we prepare for our next scheduled events and a very busy March, April and May of weddings- we are changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas and helping families who become our friends.

Wendy M Wortham Texas Twins TV